When the Panic Sets In, Then What?

Who the Hell do you think you Are? Ever hear that in your head. It doesn’t take a room full of strangers to judge. Oh, they may, but this time it’s YOU. Who the Hell do you think you Are to want that?  Deserve that?  Do that?

What makes you think you can lose weight this time?


Who would love you if they really knew you?


What if Everyone knew you were barely holding it together?


Here’s the thing really, you are working your tail off trying to make some changes in your life. Maybe it’s your Business and you’re really taking it to the next level, or you’re actually dating your dream hunk, or walking into your first Yoga class (Asana what?) and the wave hits you.


Ever put off going to the gym because you don’t know what to wear? So first you scour all the athletic ads just trying to figure it out. Hint: go to the Y they are friendly.

Ever hide around the corner because your dream crush just walked in? You’re trying, right? You would think the inner critic could give it a rest for a minute. But Nooooo.

How do you wrangle the fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough? It can be hard. It can feel overwhelming. It feels safer to stay small and just to watch all those other “good enough” people live your dream.

Wait…  What?

We aren’t going to do that.

Here is what we are going to do……..

  1. Stop and Breath. Yep. Square up your shoulders, stretch your spine out straight, close your eyes, lift your chin just a little and breath.
  2. Remind yourself you had a good reason for doing this, even if you can’t remember it now. You trust yourself, right? Everyone started this way, just a little terrified.
  3. Fast forward to look back. See yourself in the future, looking back on this moment. You’ve accomplished your goals, your presentation went well, you are a Yoga Queen, you married the hunk, you are a wildly successful * whatever *.  What would you say to yourself right now?
  4. Get out of the car and go learn how to Downward Dog it’s easier than you think.

Jodie 😉



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