The Magic Is Not What You Think

There are those of us, myself included at times, that yearn for the Spiritual Band-Aid, the Magic Wand of “It’s Gonna Be Alright”. Drink this potion, hold this crystal, light this candle and say this affirmation 100 times in 2x days and VOILA!! You are back in clover.

I WISH!! No seriously, I wish.

See when we end up in the soup, we didn’t get there by chance. We go there by a 100 maybe 1,000 little choices we were making over a period of time ~~ weeks, months, even years depending on what we are talking about.

  • Bad Relationships
  • Financial Troubles
  • Dead End Jobs
  • Health Problems
  • Loss of Purpose
  • Lack of Fulfillment

Often times folks turn to spirituality, metaphysics, or religion during this time. They seek answers. They want things to change. They have a long list of things they want to change. They want their spouse to change, and their kids and their bank account balances.

The only thing they don’t want to change is their MINDS

Isn’t that crazy? I mean really crazy when you start to look at. The only constant in your life is YOU and YOUR thinking, Your Energetic Vibration, but we think the problems are always out there. Things are always being done to US. It feels so personal. It’s not.

The other day I had this woman out and out go off on me. Really, not kidding here and the entire time I’m having this internal dialog with myself. She became almost non-existent except for me to see that I wasn’t reacting. I was fascinated that I wasn’t getting upset. It dawned on me that I may not have created that particular reality, but here I was CREATING MY EXPERIENCE OF IT.

I became so enraptured with the thoughts of my experience, I wanted to actually thank her. Her’s was quite different, I’m sure. She messaged me for 45 minutes without a response and I could tell she had really worked up a head of steam but then was starting to crash from emotional exhaustion.

I used to be her! I remember riding that roller coaster of emotion. The world hasn’t changed since then, BUT I HAVE. I showed up and did the work to get in alignment with who I wanted to be. How I wanted to experience the world.

Everything else will come. I mean everything from improved relationships, purpose, fulfillment and financial success. It may not be fairy tales and fairy dust that get the job done, but humans are powerful creators and you can begin changing your circumstances tomorrow by your willingness to change your mind today.

A powerful affirmation you can use anytime that will serve you well in any situation you feel yourself losing control or just becoming frustrated is… I choose to see this through the eyes of Peace. Beginning your day stating I choose to see my day, my life, others as I experience today through the eyes of peace will do more to align you with your highest good than a day for of half-hearted good deeds!

If you are looking for some direction in how to make some mind-blowing changes in your life, message me.  As a Psychic Medium and Spirit Guide Channel I excel at connecting you with your Source tapping into All that Is for you to have the life you Desire. Your Desires are your Destiny and they were placed there by a Loving and Kind Universe. Your Guides are ready, are you?


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