The Faint of Heart Hath Never Won the Fair Maiden! 🏰

It takes courage to try. It sometimes takes sheer dumb luck to succeed. But most assuredly it takes a willingness to look like a fool. Yes, a fool. 🤡

Have you ever been too cool to even try? Were you the one who stood with your back against the wall holding up the gym because you didn’t want to learn to dance. 💃🕺

Has the fear of being bad at something held you back. You know there is nothing you are good at now, that you weren’t bad at in the beginning. We forget that. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

I have a friend who took golf lessons at a club one town over just so she didn’t make a fool of herself in front of her “friends”. She is not vain or stuck up but she was terrified of others seeing her as incompetent, even though she has never played before! 🏑🏑

Afraid of what others would think of her if she wasn’t perfect was exactly what led her to drive a very long way out of her way to mask her novice status. Very often the idea of perfectionism keeps you from living the very life you dream about. 😒😕😭

But what if you could look at life as an adventure again? What if “perfectionism” didn’t exist and you just let yourself off the hook? 😮What if you could play like a kid again and not treat everything like a high stakes game? What if you made a fool of yourself and everyone just laughed with you? 🤩 What if living your best life was more important than looking perfect? 🤔

Soon the holidays will be upon us and the idea of Perfectionism does not have more fertile ground than now! The perfect Thanksgiving 🍗🍽️, the perfect decorations 🎄, the perfect Holiday letter, with the perfect family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, UGH! Don’t get me started.

Do you ever wonder how some people do it? How they pull off the Holidays and are actually Happy! They aren’t stressed or flustered. They seem prepared for every social occasion always knowing what to say. They seem to light up the room when they walk in. 💫

They make the same amount of money as you. They know all the same people. You know how crazy their Mother is, and yet…. They are happy. They are peaceful.


They gave up the idea of being perfect. They gave up trying to control everything. They’ve made peace with where they are at. They are traveling light this Holiday Season because they no longer shoulder the weight of unrealistic expectations. They opened up to the magic of accepting themselves and because of that were able to step into the energy of Abundance and Well Being. 💝

Perfect comes at the end of the journey and as far as I have seen life is an ever-expanding ever-unfolding journey.  What was perfect to us just a few years ago we’ve gone so far beyond.  So let it go and let yourself and everyone you love off the hook by enjoying the moment, embracing your loved ones giving up the idea that the perfect anything is what is going to make the moment magical.

YOU MAKE THE MOMENT MAGICAL by simply showing up and being yourself.

Much Love,
Jodie L Hart💝🔮💫



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