Sirian, Pleidian, Arcturian?

Who are you and Where did you come from? Ascension path or reincarnation? These Questions are becoming as prevalent as What’s your Sign was in the 70’s. 🧜‍♀️🧝‍♀️🧙‍♂️

Why does it matter? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

Before all of this, it was Are you from Atlantis or Lemuria? There was this strange spiritual one-upmanship going on. I really don’t know where all the former Atlanteans/Lemurians went come to think of it. 🤔🤭

Who are you, meaning who were you in a past life, and where are you from becoming like a spiritual competition. 🙏💪 The one and the same type of competition that we see played out in politics 🌏 in our everyday muggle world.

Then there is the “Well those of us from _____ (insert one Arcturan, Pleiades, Sirius) have only come here on the last leg of our spiritual ascension.” Apparently, the rest of us are just lowly Reincarnates. 🤣😅

These types of labels are also used in the world we live in today to create separation. 😕

Again who cares? Even if it’s true… who cares? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

What may matter is that you are HERE. Where you’ve been in previous lives and where you may be going after this one… that’s all distraction. What are you doing with this life?

We are HERE To Learn purpose; To Understand service; To Discover our Connection with the Divine and with each other — ALL THROUGH the Human Experience. 💃🕺

This Lifetime, this Human Experience matters. It’s not a pit stop to something better. You didn’t come from something better to be here. You aren’t supposed to be worshiped as the leader or God/Goddess you perceive you were in a previous life. 👼

What are you creating now is the reality that is affecting you TODAY. You have the POWER to make this your Best LIFETIME EVER!!! ✨💞🎉💘✨

I want to help you make that happen. I have only 10 appts left for this month that I can fill with those who want to let go of a past and create a life worth living today!  What do you want to let go of, focus on or allow to come in?  Where do you require clarity or a strengthened sense of purpose?  Where does love need to enter to allow greater healing?  I am but a few clicks away.

As a Psychic Medium, my connection with your Guides gives you the ability to connect with the Divine in a unique and powerful way getting their input and guidance on anything you ask. It is powerful, it’s real and it’s down to earth. No riddles or speaking in code LOL. Just easy to digest answers that you can use today to improve your life.

To schedule with me through my website click here: or feel free to Facebook message me through my page. While you are on my website be sure to sign up for the “7 Steps to An Intentionally Powerful Life” and a 25% off coupon will be emailed to your inbox!!

I do so look forward to working with you!



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