The four letters of LOVE

Showing Up for Love and All The Good Things In Life

Early in my Metaphysical career, I worked primarily as an Intuitive and like most Intuitive Readers we get asked a lot about L ~ O ~ V ~ E.  That little four letter word that makes the world go round, sets your soul on fire and has your head in the clouds.  😊  No one is a bigger proponent of love, love, love than I.

Occasionally I would get these calls from people wondering when they would find their person. Forget soulmate or twin flame, just their person. Now I always want to see the best for everyone, so here I am doing my thang and I have to say, Hmmm you don’t leave the house. You have a wall up so high, you’re not even engaging in pleasantries.  The last person that flirted with you, you blocked on social media!

Only once in 30 years has one of my clients married the UPS guy. She literally did not have to engage, he was just delivered to her door with the packages.

Seriously, whether it’s love, your career or your spirituality, YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP.

Affirmations be damned if you aren’t making yourself available for your DESIRE ~ if you don’t allow anything nothing will happen.

I can say it doesn’t matter what holds you back because there is only one thing that holds anyone back ~~ FEAR.  It does not matter the form it takes or the voice ~~ It’s fear.

A course in miracles teaches us that there is only one true thing in the Universe and that is Love.  Fear is nothing but the absence of love.  Abraham, as channeled by Esther Hicks, says there is only a stream of well-being and the pinching off of that stream.

So if Fear doesn’t really exist, how can it be so debilitating in our lives? Fear is the invisible wall that separates us from what we really want. We can see, sometimes we smell it. We long to experience it, but we just can’t find the courage to reach for it. I say invisible because fear only exists in our mind. It’s woven into the stories that we tell ourselves.

It’s our excuses for not trying. It’s the excuses we make to others for not showing up. Over time it will be our regrets.

Lord that sounds dismal.

Oh wait, it doesn’t really exist! If fear is woven into the stories that we tell ourselves; then can it be that we can begin to tell a new story? That we can start to change the story we tell ourselves? That as we tell this new story we can start to experience a new reality and so on and so on?

You don’t have to tackle your fears at once. You can begin to nibble around the edges of them in your journal, in your affirmations. You can open up in your meditations and allow that good feeling energy to flow.


If you’re ready to do the work to clean out the fear that is holding you back message me and we can set up a time to talk.  Let’s do some myth busting around fear in your life and see where we will find your joy today!

I have a few single session appts. available between now and June 12th.  This is a great time to invest in your inner work and open up your receiving of the desires of your heart.  Is it Love that you are seeking?  Purpose?  Or maybe your desires are clear but the road is not.

The desires of your heart were placed there by God.  It is your destiny to fulfill them. Working with your Guides is a deeply moving and loving experience.  They understand the fullness of you.  Working with me often begins to open more access for you to work with your Guides directly and know their wisdom for yourself.


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