People Will Disappoint You

They will lie to you. They will pretend that they care. They will hang around for the good stuff and vanish when you need them. It’s in our nature or so I’m told. We live in a “What’s in it for Me Culture.”

What’s a poor Spiritual Traveler to do? ?

New Age thinking will leap to tell you how it’s your fault! You have dirty thinking and bad alignment and everything negative that may ever happen in your life is because you are getting it all wrong.

Conventional thinking will point the bony finger of blame out there at all those others. It must be their fault because YOU don’t have enough personal power to affect your circumstances.

Arrrghhhh… Here you sit trying to pick through your psyche, ponder your navel and divine if this has anything to do with your past life, all in an attempt to figure out how this keeps happening to you. ?

Your energy sets the tone for everything that you receive in your life. We all hear that and while it’s a wonderful sound bite, but WTF does it mean? ?‍♀️

It means this… all thought has form and emits energy. Every belief is pulsing energy. At least the active ones and the inactive ones are more like a low-level hum. Our emotions are a response to our belief in something being good or bad and emit large bursts of energy if aroused.

Intentionally directing your thoughts gives you greater control over how your flow your energy. Greater control over the manifested results in your life as well. You are no longer a slave to the changing conditions of your environment. Great! ?

But…. You keep dating the same jerk over and over with a different face. What about that? That’s an energetic rut. Changing your point of attraction by setting your Intentions will shift that. Always a little more month than money in your bank account. That is the result of thinking woefully out of date with your needs and desires!

Sometimes you may not specifically know what to change or how to shift to get your desired results. That’s okay because you always know how you want to feel. You want to feel good. You want to feel happy. You want to feel confident. ?

Non-Physical will come forward and fill in those blanks. She wants to be happy ~ BAM this will work! She wants to feel confident ~ HOLLA there you go! Some of my best surprises in life came from setting “feeling” intentions.

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Learn the Keys to:

  • *Set Feeling Intentions
  • *Identify and Clear Limiting Beliefs
  • *Choose Your NOW Story
  • *Recognize Your Old Patterns when they Arise

Xoxo Jodie L. Hart ?✨?


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