The Prince and The Pauper

Paupers vs. Princes?

You are worthy. Everyone is worthy of love, peace, prosperity, happiness, and vibrant health. Well then tell me, if we are all so freakin’ worthy then why are most of us living like Paupers instead of Princes?

Worthiness, as we talked about in Your Emotional Guidance System: Doubtful Directions?, is innate.  It just is.  You are worthy of your dreams because you dream them.  You are worthy of love because you have the ability to love.  You are worthy because you made it here.  HERE.  Right HERE.  Planet Earth.

Worthiness is not a variable.  It doesn’t shift when we change locations or switch topics.   Confidence may vary from bikini to boardroom, but we are not our confidence.  Our relationship to our worthiness, our feelings on a variety of topics, the stories we tell ourselves will, at any given time, determine how much of our worthiness we are allowing ourselves to connect to moment to moment.

WORTHINESS   (wor·thi·ness noun)
the quality of being good enough, the quality of deserving attention or respect.

In working with clients, I often see how they confuse “Worthiness” with Value.  It’s completely different.  Value describes the usefulness of a person or thing.  Our possessions, homes, vehicles can all be “valued”.  We are taught values by our parents and society growing up.  Our code of conduct to live by, or not.  Value is assigned by the world.  We evaluate and calculate value.  We offer our Value.  Value can be tangible or intangible but it is always resides outside of you.  An NFL player may have high value to his team, but if he gets hurt his value declines  His worthiness, however, is still intact.

“If you tie your Worthiness to your Value you will always be at the whim of changing circumstances. “

When you feel worthy of a good feeling body you take care of yourself.  When you feel worthy of love your seek out a mate capable of being a good partner.  When you feel worthy of happiness you create a life that supports that vision.  When you feel worth of your goals you go on the journey to fulfill those intentions.   Value is something we usually assign after the fact.  After the manifestation, after the experience and the process is complete.

All in all, while our Value or our Values do not equate our worthiness, it is our sense of  worthiness that directly influences our Value in our lives.

Xoxo Jodie


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