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Obstacles as Opportunities

Sometimes my clients asked me if they are being punished by God. They feel as if they are being thwarted at every turn. The answer is always No, but I get how easy it is to feel that way when it seems everything you touch is turning to dust. Aaaaaargh!

Then I’m going to come along and say, Obstacles are Opportunities and you are gonna wanna punch me.

This is the thing, my greatest skill as an Intuitive Counsellor, is that of a Connector. I connect people with their Guides. I help them interact more directly with their Spiritual Possee to implement Best Strategies for their lives. So with permission granted me, there is a story I want to share.

My client Sandy had been through one helluva marriage for 20+ years to a physically abusive man. We began working together a year or so before her divorce. When the last child graduated from high school he left her for a much younger woman in another state. No warning. In fact no note!

Together with her Guides she navigated the legalities, got support, started to remember her self-worth and began to rebuild her life. She was coming into her own after all the years of abuse. She was literally coming back alive in front of my eyes. It was a miracle!

But there was still one big issue. The house. She was living in the home where all the abuse took place. Where every room was still filled with his crap. The couch he picked out, his chair, his ashtrays, his hunting TROPHIES. His family would still drop by and randomly just take things from the property, without even consulting her. I kept saying to Sandy you have to get out of that house.

Months went by and her anxiety began to return again. She would say that she couldn’t sleep at night and began having a familiar heavy feeling while she was at the house. She started to stay away until she absolutely had to go home. Finally, I said, Sandy if you Don’t Get Out of that House I Swear Spirit is Going to Burn it Down! Truly I thought I was speaking metaphorically.

Two weeks later she called to tell me her house burned down while she was away on a business trip. I’m not just talking a little fire on the porch, I mean down to the foundation. I almost fell off my chair.

The best thing that ever happened for Sandy! She collected a check and within 3 weeks moved out of state to stay with her sister. She took a job with a company that had been courting her for a while but she didn’t have the confidence yet to start something new. Within a few months of arriving in her new town, which she loved, she met a man. A wonderful guy that couldn’t quit gushing over her. He thought that Sandy hung the moon!

The road opened because of the obstacle that had been keeping her in place was removed. Her desire to change her life was so great that it empowered her guides to act boldly and with the help of some faulty wiring in an older home, they got the job done.

Your Guides will whisper, then nudge, then create a little chaos to get your attention. Eventually, they will burn your house down. Why? Because you are always asking, constantly wanting more. As you are asking you are going to run into your obstacles usually created by your own fear-based thinking. Don’t quit ~~ use it to your advantage. Redirect to stay on the path.

Do you need some redirection? Are you in fire prevention mode? Together we can see where the paths of least resistance will open for you.

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