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Embracing The Gift

I have always known I was different. I heard things differently, saw the world differently, and as an Empath definitely felt it differently. I was the child that never understood why all the adults around me were lying. I felt like everyone else got a playbook for life and I didn’t understand the rules.  Unwittingly I tapped into the multitude of emotions of those around me. All that was beautiful and raw, as well as, all that was turbulent.

As with most empaths, my early years through my teens and mid-twenties were very chaotic.  I spent a lot of time running away from who and what I was until attempting to “fit in” became exhausting. I grew cynical and mistrusting. My gifts allowed me insight, but I lacked understanding. I purposely hid the strongest and best parts of myself from those around me. Once I allowed myself to be authentic and stopped trying to be Normal, my entire life changed.

Spiritual Guidance

Observing how limiting beliefs chokes human potential and stops us from participating in the fullness of life experience, I found my place to shine. I shine, serve, and teach others how to experience meaningful change in their lives. This is what makes me come alive and is how I was inherently designed to live. I have worked with clients in person and throughout several internet platforms.

Recently I celebrated a 30-year anniversary as a professional advisor serving clients spanning 17 countries having worked with over 19,000 clients in my career. Re-launching my website is a method in which I can expand my services and invest the time and energy to thoroughly remove the blocks that are evident in preventing love, success, and personal transformation to manifest. As a powerful channel, I utilize every tool that I possess to guide clients into allowing the flow of abundance into their lives.

Life Path & Service

I engage with people who have been “hiding” in their lives. Afraid to show up and claim their unique and authentic selves. Sometimes we’ve habitually been hiding our light for so long we’ve forgotten it’s there and trying to find it again seems a daunting task. In this world, it’s easy to feel lost, untethered, and easily confused by the swirling mass of information and the fast pace of the world around us. At times we are so over stimulated its hard to feel at all.

The journey to the self can seem scary and challenging, but you are not alone. You have an army of non-physical guides, loved ones, and partners standing by ready to assist you in becoming the you that you were meant to be. And now you have me TOO! Nothing is Impossible.

This site is an ever-evolving space. Even now there is so much more “in creation” I can’t add it all now. I will be updating and adding services, programs, blog posts, and a retail shop over the coming months. This process is so expansive and uplifting I want you to join me on the journey as I join in yours.