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Many People Can’t Be Happy

Many people make themselves unhappy simply by finding it impossible to accept life in the present moment. Believing that there is always something more to be done they race from one thing to another dropping only after exhausting themselves.  Their ideas of self-care are only routines meant to keep them in a constant state of over-achievement. A constant state of not enough.

The gift of being content is really quite profound. Contentment doesn’t say everything is in an absolute state of perfection or even close. Actually, it says that just enough things are just right enough, right now for you to relax. Your mind loosens. Your body unwinds. A smile creeps across your face without notice. You take a deep breath. You BE.

Your mind begins to wander a bit. Taking it’s own path, a journey of musings as it does not need to be constantly engaged and entertained. It walks through memories, ruminates on the day and synthesizes information that it has received. You begin to feel connected perhaps, tapped in because you’ve allowed both the noise of the day and your expectations to quiet.

When I was young my grandparents had a farm and lived in a typical farm house. My favorite time of the day was after dinner and the ladies would finish up the supper dishes and the men finished up for the night in the barns and everyone would come back to a big front porch. There was lemonade and iced tea and Pie (really good Pie) and we’d all sit and watch the sun sink low, laugh and talk until it was time for us kids to get in the bath before bed.

That is my first idea of being contented. I think the idea of being content is accepting that nothing is perfect. I’m not sure that anything is meant to be, especially people. People are always in a state of flux, always growing, morphing, becoming, evolving and realizing that perfection comes only at the end. Perfection is an end product. There is no end to life. We live in an ever-expanding universe. I believe that we can comfortably take perfection off the table and in doing so maybe give ourselves a much needed break.

Our news and programming and advertising all say more more more. It’s never enough, you have to keep pushing through. Yesterday is over, today is a brand new game. Get on the tread mill and strive strive strive.

Really?  You wanna live that way?

Turn off the TV.

Stop listening to everything including the voice in your head that says you not enough.

Get some pie.

There’s always another chance tomorrow.

Who knows what might happen?



Give yourself the gift of being content in this moment.

Your friend, Jodie.



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