Keeping Your Eyes On Your Own Paper

Comparing yourself to others is one sure way to deflect your success and get you caught in an Ego Trap. Our Ego is always ready to tell us that we are not good enough and the Comparison Game is a sure way to give it lots of material to work with.

Start anything new and your Ego will race to tell you that someone else is better and how much YOU aren’t like them. In fact, you never will be. Just look at them, they shine. Nevermind that this is your first try and they’ve been at it for years. Nope nope nope. That won’t matter, to the ego. It’s always a zero-sum game. They are winning, therefore, you must be losing.

This isn’t about looking to someone for direction or inspiration. Or finding a person who helps you level up because through their accomplishment they show you what is possible.

This is more like taking score and of course, the next step in the Comparison Game is to find someone you feel superior to. See the Game works both up and down the ladder. While looking up and finding someone to resent, you must also look down and see who ranks below. This pulls you even deeper into comparison.

There will always be that guy that if you are a scorekeeper will blow you out of the water.


That guy is everything you want to be and more. You are in competition with him only in your mind. You begin to tell yourself stories about that guy. Either he is all THAT – or – he’s a drug dealer and beats his dog. The Ego is brilliant and has endless in the ways that it can torture us.

Judging anyone, whether it is from a place of feeling scared or inadequate always feels bad. The Comparison Game always begins from a place of not feeling good enough. When you are confident and balanced in your sense of worth you see people around you as equals and their accomplishments as something they’ve achieved, not something they are.

Keeping your eyes on your paper ensures that you are working from your strength, reaching your benchmarks and focused on your success. As a swimmer in high school, I never started winning competitions until I quit trying to see what the person in the next lane was doing.

You do your best work and create your best life when you value what you have inside. When you can accept that you have greatness in you, no matter the form, you no longer look to the world for their opinion of your worth.

The Journey within ourselves is always the most fascinating. What makes you unique will never be seen in this world again and can not be replicated by another.

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