High Fying or Average Joe?

You get a group of high-flying entrepreneurs together, or a group of like-minded individuals coalesced around a cause it’s amazing how fast things can get done.  How quickly goals can be accomplished. How mountains can be moved with a positive eager progress minded energy.

Ideas just seem to flow, resources unlock and plans are enacted.  An entire room can be energized and that energy flows out towards the common goals of the group!  The flow doesn’t stop there. It spills over into the participant’s lives as they are uplifted that energy moves with them.  

This is true for relationships, friendships, interactions with strangers.  When you set your tone to a high vibing place you energize others. You draw the best from them and from your circumstances.  Cooperative components race to your side. You feel like you are in the flow. You feel BLESSED!

Now let’s take a day I think most would call normal.  You roll out of bed. Sign some permission slips and get the kids off to school.  Drive the car you almost like to the job you kinda can’t stand. You’re not thrilled by any means, but it’s an average day – not good, but not bad.  

We’ve all been stuck in that loop.  That loop was memorialized by Willie Lomax in Death of a Salesman.  It’s not new. It’s old. Some even refer to it as the daily grind.


Before you get practiced at setting your tone (i.e. getting on the high-flying disc as Abraham would say) you will become part of the dominant energetic stream that already has momentum going.  

When you look at your life, look at your friends, co-workers and neighbors are you joining into the surrounding streams or are you blazing one of your own?  Are you predominantly happy and satisfied with what you are receiving from life? Are you living your life or someone else’s?

Every day your inner being is finding ways, opportunities, paths of least resistance to remind you that you are blessed.  Reminding you of what it feels like to feel good, feel connected, to feel on purpose and maybe even impassioned. It’s not hard to get back in the stream of well being once you realize you are out.  It’s realizing that you are out. It’s not accepting what is as ALL THAT IS.

We all just want to FEEL GOOD.  Yes, it can be that simple! I want to feel good.  Let’s start there. STEP ONE: Set a daily intention to be repeated often that all I ever really want is to feel good.  Whatever that looks like. Whatever form it takes my predominant intent is to feel good. I will never miss an opportunity to feel good, to raise my vibration, to be a part of the well being on the planet.  I am HERE FOR ALL THAT MATTERS!

Step Two:  Allow the Universe to deliver the Goods.  😊

If you have any questions about Step 1 or Step 2 jump on a discovery call with me and let’s see what we can’t sort out.  There is no good reason to hold yourself outside of well being.

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