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Do You Really Want To Make Your Haters Mad? Prosper Anyway!!

Last May I went to court to gain custody of my nieces and nephew after my brother’s passing. Their mom has addiction issues and is an unsafe presence in their lives. Days after winning custody all the tires on my car were slashed. OY! Not hard to figure this one out.

Well, I had a lot to do that day and really had no time for a big OMFG moment so I just picked up the phone and called the insurance company. They were really nice, I always get the nicest people (but then again I do bless my premium money when it leaves my account).

So I just happened to have the receipts for the tires that I put on my SUV 6 months ago so as we were talking I was emailing copies. The agent said the adjuster should be out in a few days. Okay but I had to go now, so I grabbed the keys to another vehicle and the kids and off we went.

While I was out running errands, the adjuster called. A very nice woman who happened to be working a claim in my area. Wow! Great but I’m not there. No worries the SUV was in the driveway and she didn’t really need me. She would call me later.

By now the kids and I were hungry so as we are eating at a local diner and I get another call. My adjuster had already tabulated my claim and says if you want to give me your debit card info I can have this deposited to your account now. Well, now I thought, this is working out nicely. I remember times years ago this would have sidelined me for days. The process would have been slow. I wouldn’t have owned 2 cars. But wait…

I call the tire shop where I bought the tires and told the manager what happened. His response was he could get a tow truck out today and the tow was free because I was within range. An hour later he called and said, Hey, I have these all-terrain tires that just got discontinued today that I can give you for half off and have your SUV ready for pick-up by 5 p.m. I’m GOBSMACKED!

I find out my tires are slashed at 7 a.m., my claim is processed, I have the money, my car is already fixed and I MADE $500 in the process while I was running errands with the kids. Now that is some Divine Money Activation right there! Definitely had a lot to say in my Gratitude Journal that evening.

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