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Hustle and Flow ~ Are You Moving So Fast Your Inspiration Can’t Catch Up?

The best time to take a deep breath is when you don’t have time for it.


Hustling is a celebrated state of being in our modern culture.

We’re always hustling around and rushing so fast that we’re utterly exhausted when it comes time to make some of life’s most important decisions.

There’s absolutely no reason to be in such a mad rush that you end up at the top of the wrong ladder – pursuing someone else’s agenda instead of your own.

Schedule time every day to focus inward – mindfulness rituals, mantras, journaling, prayer, gratitude, whatever floats your boat – and bring clarity to your daily decisions and lifestyle. When you do you will open your mind to ideas and opportunities you can’t grasp in the midst of mindless hustle.

Just last week I had to completely unplug. I truly was in overload with my businesses, the family, myself.

Clearing the endless noise and just spending time in nature and with a good book by the pool did wonders for my clarity and reasoning skills. More importantly, it restored the inner peace I need to feel comfortable and confident when making a decision.

Time spent focusing inward – finding clarity doesn’t just help you – your mind is powerful and your thoughts create ripples in the world around you.

When you bring clarity into your life, you bring the best of yourself into everything you do – you treat yourself and others better, communicate more constructively, do things for the right reasons, and ultimately improve the world we’re living in.

The bottom line is that a slower pace and a heightened level of awareness – mental clarity – elevates you in countless ways. Then interesting things begin happening – good things you haven’t even thought of yet.

Need some help slowing things down and gaining clarity around your choices?  Has a year of retrogrades left your exhausted and insecure in your decision making? Message me and we can set up a time to contact your Guides and have them shed some light on the path before you.



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Attachment to our problems and/or unwanted circumstances keeps us anchored where we are. We can not move forward when we are living in our past. When our struggles have become what we use to define ourselves we are closed off from receiving healing, help or inspiration. No longer do we see ourselves as whole, but the scar, the struggle, the loss has become the container that holds our identity.

We all know someone from our family, groups of friends or perhaps someone that we encounter that will recite a story as if it happened yesterday. Later you find out that what took place was years in the past. They wear their struggle like a badge of honor. I am a survivor, they will say. Look let me tell my tale of woe. They are not telling their story to enlighten or teach but they offer it as the reason they can’t experience abundance. Why joy is withheld from them. Why success and happiness are for other people, but why it will never be a part of their NOW story.

Nothing defines you unless you make it part of your story. How you see yourself, how you tell your story is what you will become. It is what you are living now.

Do you like the story you tell? Would you like to tell a different one? How would you define yourself if you really had the chance? What do you want people to know about you and what you are becoming? Answer in the comments or use this as a journal prompt. I would love to hear what you have to say.

Who are you really? What would people be surprised to know?



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When Our Manifestation Takes a Turn For The Worse!

Yikes, you were going along just fine, all lined up and WHAM out of nowhere you just got thrown a curve ball.  It seemed so random, so out of the blue, but here you are feeling dazed and confused.

Did Law of Attraction fail you?

Is there a deep secretly held belief you sabotaging your life?

Is it your mother’s fault?

The Answers are No, Probably Not, and No.

What is probably happening, as my Guides reminded me of recently, is that you were going along, living your previous manifestation and you birthed a new desire for something more.

Thing is you are standing here, and now it’s over there.  You, meaning we, now have to grow big enough for the new experience and sometimes that can look a little chaotic.

You want to up-level your income and all of a sudden you lose your job!!  Your Guides are saying, “Hey she won’t go look for the position we lined up with the more money unless we inspire her to act.  You who never seem to pay attention to the subtle cues we send out daily, here is some big contrast to get you on your way.”

The bigger the intention, the bigger the leap, the bigger the contrast at times.  Abraham says all you have to do is align with what is wanted.  While that is true, it is not always easy.  Coming into alignment with what is wanted can take you on an emotional and spiritual journey you never suspected was ahead.

Does this mean you stop wanting new things, new experiences, greater clarity?  Of course not, but you may begin to realize that every time you ask for more there is a period of being raised up.  The ground needs to be broken to accept new seed.  Look for the meaning in the contrast and the direction it is leading you in.

Need a little clarity?  Want to know why your Guides seem to have gone rogue? Message me to schedule an Intuitive Channeling/Tarot session and together let’s find out what’s going on and where you can take it from here.



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burning match

You Look Strong On The Outside All The While Dying On The Inside.

Spiritually you can be on your last breath so disconnected from Source that you are terminally exhausted. You can be emotionally ready to crumble from untended wounds. Mentally you can be so stretched you are ready to break into a million pieces if just one thing doesn’t drop the way it should.

But you can look good ~~ for a while.

I’ve done it. I would have to say that is one of my better than average skills.

And I’ve crashed too.

We can get so good at compartmentalizing our fears, our wounds, our traumas we trick ourselves into believing that they no longer exist. Until something in the general vibrational vicinity happens and the over the top reaction comes flooding out.

What do you do? Well, some of that depends. Are you pre-crash but you know it’s coming? Are you a little afraid to go digging up bones for fear of what might spring out? Understandable.

Start by first by stabilizing your behavior. Getting more rest. Eating better. Taking time out. Starting a meditation practice. Denying self-care is a form of abuse. Get help if you need to. As you begin to withdraw from some toxic behaviors you will be in a better position to look at the bigger arc of your circumstances.

If you are post-crash and feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck. You have to soothe. You have to unwind. You can’t process anything right now. You are overloaded because your bags are too tightly packed.

I’m a big fan of working it out in a journal. It is a form of prayer and meditation for me. I receive quite a bit when I am connected through writing: clarity, peace, a sense of being grounded. I usually just start free-writing which can seem very chaotic, but over time my thoughts slow and they organize.

Pre or post-crash there comes a point where you have to surrender. You have to ask for help from your Higher Power. After the break-up, the meltdown, the hospital stay, the setting our hair on fire moment the one thing we usually do feel is raw, stripped bare. There is a clarity that can come in those moments, but you can also shoot yourself in the foot to stop thinking about a toothache.

I used to think that was the inevitable destination. Just store everything up and pick up the pieces once it all explodes all over the place. Imagine my surprise when I learned to maintain mental, emotional and spiritual health actually meant that you didn’t have to live that way. One crisis to the next. On the contrary, while we think of caring for ourselves as selfish it is the most loving thing we can do for our loved ones and family.



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Arrrrgh… Why Are We So Locked into Our Thinking?

You know what I mean when even the idea of something better, something easier is outside of our grasp. So far that you can’t imagine that it really exists. Have you ever caught yourself arguing against your own Good? Your own Wellbeing? Your own Happiness? I think this is where the saying “They’d rather be right than Happy” comes from.

Well, I have! Let me be frank…… it stunk. There was a time in my life I literally fought for my victimhood and actively participated in a limiting illusion. Why? Because I lost my connection to Source Energy. I lost my sense that I mattered, that I was a Creator, that I had power. In fact, during that time I was confused, sad and lacking purpose, I questioned why I wanted to be on planet earth. Everything felt so meaningless.

99% of the time it’s our thoughts about our life, not our actual life that is making us unhappy. SO WHAT GIVES??? Here we are, powerful creators, who can and do create our own JOY or Misery by where we are consistently flowing energy mostly in the form of our thoughts.

BUT………….. when we are not tapped in, tuned in, turned on by Source Energy meaning we are trying to do it all by ourselves as solo providers of our well being, we run out of steam fast. Our energy drops, our limiting thoughts kick in, the inner critic jumps on the chance to tell you-you are not good enough and the spiral begins.

You know what usually kicks it in too?  Someone out there, outside of ourselves telling us, accusing us, disappointing us, reflecting back to us their fears and insecurities and we believe them.  Our lover doesn’t love us anymore.  It must be our fault.  Our teacher doesn’t validate us, I must not be worthy.  Our friends take advantage of us, we don’t feel our value.


  • How do you tap into the Energy that creates worlds?
  • What does it mean to be deep in the Energetic Flow?
  • How can I start changing my Life Today and getting more of what I want?
  • How Can I feel more Worthy of the Desires on my Heart?
  • Are my Desires really My Destiny? (Hint: YES)

Do you want to learn how to get the things your heart desires? Live the life you dream of? Are you tired of being so disconnected and feeling like everything is an uphill battle? I used to feel that way too! Now I know how to lock into what I want and manifest what I desire. I will teach you how to too!!  PRIVATE COACHING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE.  E-Mail or message me to discuss a plan personally crafted for your needs and budget.

Psychic Mediumship and Astrology Services available on my website or through my group Worth Wealth & Alignment.

I look forward to talking with you!



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Many People Can’t Be Happy

Many people make themselves unhappy simply by finding it impossible to accept life in the present moment. Believing that there is always something more to be done they race from one thing to another dropping only after exhausting themselves.  Their ideas of self-care are only routines meant to keep them in a constant state of over-achievement. A constant state of not enough.

The gift of being content is really quite profound. Contentment doesn’t say everything is in an absolute state of perfection or even close. Actually, it says that just enough things are just right enough, right now for you to relax. Your mind loosens. Your body unwinds. A smile creeps across your face without notice. You take a deep breath. You BE.

Your mind begins to wander a bit. Taking it’s own path, a journey of musings as it does not need to be constantly engaged and entertained. It walks through memories, ruminates on the day and synthesizes information that it has received. You begin to feel connected perhaps, tapped in because you’ve allowed both the noise of the day and your expectations to quiet.

When I was young my grandparents had a farm and lived in a typical farm house. My favorite time of the day was after dinner and the ladies would finish up the supper dishes and the men finished up for the night in the barns and everyone would come back to a big front porch. There was lemonade and iced tea and Pie (really good Pie) and we’d all sit and watch the sun sink low, laugh and talk until it was time for us kids to get in the bath before bed.

That is my first idea of being contented. I think the idea of being content is accepting that nothing is perfect. I’m not sure that anything is meant to be, especially people. People are always in a state of flux, always growing, morphing, becoming, evolving and realizing that perfection comes only at the end. Perfection is an end product. There is no end to life. We live in an ever-expanding universe. I believe that we can comfortably take perfection off the table and in doing so maybe give ourselves a much needed break.

Our news and programming and advertising all say more more more. It’s never enough, you have to keep pushing through. Yesterday is over, today is a brand new game. Get on the tread mill and strive strive strive.

Really?  You wanna live that way?

Turn off the TV.

Stop listening to everything including the voice in your head that says you not enough.

Get some pie.

There’s always another chance tomorrow.

Who knows what might happen?



Give yourself the gift of being content in this moment.

Your friend, Jodie.



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Sirian, Pleidian, Arcturian?

Who are you and Where did you come from? Ascension path or reincarnation? These Questions are becoming as prevalent as What’s your Sign was in the 70’s. 🧜‍♀️🧝‍♀️🧙‍♂️

Why does it matter? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

Before all of this, it was Are you from Atlantis or Lemuria? There was this strange spiritual one-upmanship going on. I really don’t know where all the former Atlanteans/Lemurians went come to think of it. 🤔🤭

Who are you, meaning who were you in a past life, and where are you from becoming like a spiritual competition. 🙏💪 The one and the same type of competition that we see played out in politics 🌏 in our everyday muggle world.

Then there is the “Well those of us from _____ (insert one Arcturan, Pleiades, Sirius) have only come here on the last leg of our spiritual ascension.” Apparently, the rest of us are just lowly Reincarnates. 🤣😅

These types of labels are also used in the world we live in today to create separation. 😕

Again who cares? Even if it’s true… who cares? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

What may matter is that you are HERE. Where you’ve been in previous lives and where you may be going after this one… that’s all distraction. What are you doing with this life?

We are HERE To Learn purpose; To Understand service; To Discover our Connection with the Divine and with each other — ALL THROUGH the Human Experience. 💃🕺

This Lifetime, this Human Experience matters. It’s not a pit stop to something better. You didn’t come from something better to be here. You aren’t supposed to be worshiped as the leader or God/Goddess you perceive you were in a previous life. 👼

What are you creating now is the reality that is affecting you TODAY. You have the POWER to make this your Best LIFETIME EVER!!! ✨💞🎉💘✨

I want to help you make that happen. I have only 10 appts left for this month that I can fill with those who want to let go of a past and create a life worth living today!  What do you want to let go of, focus on or allow to come in?  Where do you require clarity or a strengthened sense of purpose?  Where does love need to enter to allow greater healing?  I am but a few clicks away.

As a Psychic Medium, my connection with your Guides gives you the ability to connect with the Divine in a unique and powerful way getting their input and guidance on anything you ask. It is powerful, it’s real and it’s down to earth. No riddles or speaking in code LOL. Just easy to digest answers that you can use today to improve your life.

To schedule with me through my website click here: or feel free to Facebook message me through my page. While you are on my website be sure to sign up for the “7 Steps to An Intentionally Powerful Life” and a 25% off coupon will be emailed to your inbox!!

I do so look forward to working with you!



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man and woman talking

Can’t Hear You

Do you ever have someone that you just can’t hear? Or you absolutely know the person you are talking to does not understand a word you are saying.

You check yourself. Yes, you are speaking clearly, out loud and in the proper language, but yet they say things “I just don’t understand.” “Or what do you mean?”

You: You want to see a Movie on Saturday?

Them: No I’m tired.

You: What?

Them: I’m tired

You: It’s Tuesday, how do you know you’ll be tired on Saturday?

Them: Saturday is a good day for rain.

You: Is this a real conversation???

Them: Why are you mad? Do we have cake?

You call your best friend. You say, “Can you understand the words coming out of my mouth?” She confirms that you are indeed using your words correctly. You hang up.

You are in the twilight zone. Cue music……

All jokes aside about husband and wives, I actually see this a lot in relationships. When two people are on widely different frequencies they literally stop being able to hear the other person.

We also see this played out politically, not amongst politicians and political agendas, but amongst real people. They literally can not hear the other point of view the energy is so foreign to them.

When we talk about energy sometimes it’s easy to think it’s all “out there” kind of stuff. It’s what your astrologer or reiki healer says. It doesn’t really affect us physically ~~ like our senses. It wouldn’t shift our perception of reality. Well because reality is reality. Right?

Huh? What you say?

Seriously, this month, heck this summer is so filled with life-altering astrology things may be a little out of focus. And communication… well, it could use some help too. So what’s a girl to do? Schedule a session with Me and let’s see how we can make all this swirling chaos work for you!!

Even better, sign up to receive your monthly personalized Astrology transit report based off your unique Natal chart. Get insider knowledge on how the Universe is working for you! This has been my Top Secret intelligence report I offered only to my premium clients until now. Now I’m making this available to you as a monthly subscription service. Sign up now and get July for FREE! CLICK BELOW FOR DETAILS!

There is gold in them thar hills if you know where to find it!!


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Looking out the blinds

I Can See You but You Can’t See Me

The grown-up form of Peek-A-Boo.

That’s when you think that you understand everyone but no one gets you. You are the last Enigma. The Master of Illusion. Everyone is wondering what you are up to.

No one is wondering.

They probably think you are acting weird.

Hmmm, you mean I’m not special? Aren’t you supposed to be telling me how special I am right now? Uh, yeah. Well, there are 9 Billion light beings down on this planet which means you and everyone else is pretty special.

What’s more, everyone and everything is connected. HA! That’s pretty special.

Trying to hold yourself apart from that to be original, well that’s just dumb.

When you are managing your thoughts, when you are in control of your focus, when you lifting your energy up that’s when you connect to something pretty special. You have access to the magic of the universe, the well-being intended for all of us and mind-blowing inspiration and thought form.

I get that a lot of people are going to say, “Hey that’s not the way it is for me.” “This stuff is really hard and I’m getting knocked around everywhere!”

I know. I think the newly awakened have it a little rough at first. They’re really sensitive to energy creating left and right – some things you like, some things you don’t. it can feel all swirly and confusing like you can’t get out of your own way.

But, seriously you got to get a handle on this stuff. It’s really good stuff!!! Aaaaaaaand it’s not like you really have a choice because here you are and you can’t go back and not take the red pill.

Helpful Tips:

  1. Maintain a sense of humor.
  2. Do not over-react, this is your new normal.
  3. It gets easier, more fun and more awesome the more you grow.
  4. Find a good mentor.
  5. Learn to trust your Gut.
  6. Don’t freak out you can’t get this wrong

Need a little help figuring all this out? Want to get to the good stuff sooner? Want to feel a little more in control of whats unfolding? Set up some time with me here and be sure to use the Coupon Code SOGOOD15 to receive 15% off your order through August 30th!!

Taking some time for the holiday in the US, but I have some openings over the next two weeks.


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Love family laughter lettering sign

Do You Really Want To Make Your Haters Mad? Prosper Anyway!!

Last May I went to court to gain custody of my nieces and nephew after my brother’s passing. Their mom has addiction issues and is an unsafe presence in their lives. Days after winning custody all the tires on my car were slashed. OY! Not hard to figure this one out.

Well, I had a lot to do that day and really had no time for a big OMFG moment so I just picked up the phone and called the insurance company. They were really nice, I always get the nicest people (but then again I do bless my premium money when it leaves my account).

So I just happened to have the receipts for the tires that I put on my SUV 6 months ago so as we were talking I was emailing copies. The agent said the adjuster should be out in a few days. Okay but I had to go now, so I grabbed the keys to another vehicle and the kids and off we went.

While I was out running errands, the adjuster called. A very nice woman who happened to be working a claim in my area. Wow! Great but I’m not there. No worries the SUV was in the driveway and she didn’t really need me. She would call me later.

By now the kids and I were hungry so as we are eating at a local diner and I get another call. My adjuster had already tabulated my claim and says if you want to give me your debit card info I can have this deposited to your account now. Well, now I thought, this is working out nicely. I remember times years ago this would have sidelined me for days. The process would have been slow. I wouldn’t have owned 2 cars. But wait…

I call the tire shop where I bought the tires and told the manager what happened. His response was he could get a tow truck out today and the tow was free because I was within range. An hour later he called and said, Hey, I have these all-terrain tires that just got discontinued today that I can give you for half off and have your SUV ready for pick-up by 5 p.m. I’m GOBSMACKED!

I find out my tires are slashed at 7 a.m., my claim is processed, I have the money, my car is already fixed and I MADE $500 in the process while I was running errands with the kids. Now that is some Divine Money Activation right there! Definitely had a lot to say in my Gratitude Journal that evening.

Need a little guidance? Someone to help you keep your head up during hard times, keep you focused on the good until you create an avalanche of well being in your life. Call me. I along with your Guides have your back. Sometimes you just need some one-on-one to remember that you are a powerful creator, that you matter, and that you are loved. Remember to utilize the coupon code SOGOOD15 to receive 15% off at check-out.


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Girl drinking

Self Parent

I’ll be the first to admit that when I officially became an adult I was a pretty crappy self-parent.  I had a misspent youth that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Like St. Augustine who said Lord give me chastity, just don’t give it to me yet, I took full advantage of all of my freedoms.

But after the “out all night and rolling into work on one hour sleep” years I eventually got it together.  I remember feeling like there was just so much life out there.  So much to do and see and experience I rarely said no to anything that came my way.

I thought that was what it was all about.  Living from experience to experience, staying in the moment and having a ball.   Was I wrong?

I don’t know that I was or at least not entirely.  My focus shifted from the outside to the inside and my journeys and great adventures take place on the inner and spiritual planes now.  I traded my “up all nights” to be in bed by 10 pm (unless there is a really good reason), but I see more sunrises.

I watch less TV and read more good books.  My idea of getting away from it all used to be a trip to Vegas and now it’s a weekend retreat offering vegan food, yoga and meditation classes, LOL.

My choices, tastes, and appetites may have changed, but what hasn’t changed is the joie de vivre that I carry inside.  My willingness to do things that scare me.  My desire to see whats next.

Really whats the alternative?

Some people will bemoan the state of the world and use that as their excuse to stay small, safe, and comfortably afraid.  They huddle together with folks who only think thoughts like their’s and all agree with one another that living small is where it’s at.

I know those folks.  I’m related to these folks.  I love these people.

You know what they say about me?  30 years ago it was…. She stays out all night, she’s crazy.  20 years ago….. You know Jodie is jumping out of airplanes, she’s crazy.  10 years ago…  She’s always running off on diving trips to God knows where she’s crazy.  You know Jodie she always did her own thing, but JODIE IS HAPPY.

Don’t get too far away from what makes you joyful.  Nurture it.  Life has taken me on some awesome journeys and like Bilbo Baggins, in the Hobbit, I am probably ready for the next one.

Whether it’s big or small, whether your travel across continents or to your own backyard when you are happy the divine is shining through you and your connection to All that Is is strengthened.  Life is where you look.  Choose your focus well.

I have a knack for broadening the horizons of my clients in love, finance, and business.  Need to uplevel your outlook to see the changes you are dying to make in your life.  Don’t be afraid, let’s talk.  Life is big but it doesn’t have to be scary and you don’t have to be alone.  I can bring the support you need to live the life you want!  I have openings this week and next, what’s holding you back?


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Or setting your Intentions and then……

There are a few Solid Energetic Practices you can always rely on to serve you well.  In fact like with anything else you try and master there are three categories:

  1. Need to Know
  2. Nice to Know
  3. Now You’re Just Showing Off

I put in Intention Setting in the Need to Know category.

Intention Setting aligns you with your desired outcomes.  It sends your focused energy out ahead of you to begin to create the results that you want to transpire.  

Regardless of what some may believe you have an army of non-physical support waiting to avail themselves to you.  So is this like prayer? Well yes, in a very focused, action-oriented, getting the Divine involved in my day to day for success way. 

I have a trip to Mexico at the end of the year for the winter Holidays.  My intentions look like:

*I intend to have safe travels and pleasant flights to and from our destination.  

*I intend for everyone to experience good health during our trip.  

*I intend to meet fun and interesting people and for the staff to be friendly and helpful.  

*I intend for the children and all participating to have a good time.  

*I intend to have a wonderful experience

*I intend to love the resort and enjoy all the amenities

*I intend to have an abundance of good Vegan food available to us

*I intend to experience great Scuba Diving

*I intend for perfect weather during our stay and travels

And the list goes on….

I’m literally projecting my energy, and the focus of my non-physical counterparts to begin to arrange cooperating components in advance of my arrival.  

But this is not just for big things, this is for your life.  How you wish to live and enter the world. You can intend to see peace in stormy situations with co-workers.  You can intend to be a cooperative component of the highest good in any situation. You can intend to rendezvous with every blessing, to be fully present to receive your abundance today and every day.  

What intention setting is NOT.  

  1. A way to control others
  2. A way to micromanage every situation
  3. A way to delegate your part in the desired outcome

You are one of the cooperative components being aligned for your highest good!  You will be raised up as well to meet your own expectations if you allow it.

Are you willing to get out of your way and be a cooperative agent of your own well being?   Go to and download the worksheet “7 Steps to An Intentionally Powerful Life” to get you started.  

Still stuck?  Jump on a Discovery Call with me and create a plan to get you moving towards your best life.  Click here for the details


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