Divine Money, Blessing it Out the Door!

We hear that it’s better to give than to receive. Do you hear that and cringe? Do you think if you just knew the stack of bills I have? The orthodontist, the new tires before winter, the mortgage/rent, what do I have left to give other than to provide for my family? I think of that and can write a hundred posts on what that means and how you can embody that in our daily lives. But seeing as I am a practical metaphysician I look for how can we use that wisdom in our daily lives and reap the rewards of its application. So without further ado, this exercise will help you put that into action.

Money is energy. Even the word we use for it “currency” means the condition of flowing. How is money flowing into and out of your life? Do the bills come and you cringe? I did at one time during a divorce many years ago. I knew I was living on prayer and lucky circumstance. I indeed made it through by grace, but during that time I was given something else in my channeled conversation with Spirit.

I was told to bless my money. I was told to look at whatever I had and ask for it to be blessed, to visually surround it with white light and know there would always be enough. It didn’t have to be cash, it could be anything a bank statement or just your visualization. That was step one, and it worked. Things started getting better, money showed up just in the nick of time, I wasn’t rolling in it at this point but I was sleeping at night! I blessed my food, my car, my home pretty much anything that I came in contact with.

Next came step two. As you see your money go out into the world, whether it’s the electric bill getting automatically debited, or paying the orthodontist, or purchasing the airline tickets for your vacation see it as blessed. See that energy go out into the world and prosper all those that it touches. Take airline tickets. That money goes for the ticket agents, ground crew, mechanics, parts manufacturers, electronics, pilots, stewardesses, gate fees, air traffic controllers. It touches each and every one of them and hundreds more. It’s taken home to their families which in turn they spend on food and orthodontists. As you see these divine currents spread out into the world blessing each one as it stops along the way you truly are giving blessed energy out into the world.

This is a daily exercise for me. I always meet the nicest people at salons, stores, wherever I go to spend money, especially if I have been there more than once. I literally see my credit card glowing with white light as I use it, sending that pure positive energy out into the world. Things that I need show up, usually on sale! I get help and am told about offers and private sales that I had no idea about. My money sends out such pure positive loving energy it returns to me in ways that I never thought possible.

The money I receive for my services, I bless. I bless those that sent it to me, and the avenues from which they receive and all those that it touched before it came to me on its journey. I realize I am only part of the chain. I realize that in this way I can continually give into the world and I am an open conduit to continue to receive as well.


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Be Blessed, Stay Blessed

A cow in pasture

Some things are worth changing. Most things aren’t.

“If you want to control your animals, give them a larger pasture.”  That’s a quote I heard at a class several years ago focused on the power of changing your attitude about the things you can’t change or don’t need to change.

The animals and their larger pasture are a form of letting go and allowing things to be the way they are – instead of trying to tightly control something, you’re loosening up, giving it more space, a larger pasture.

The animals will be happier – they will roam around and do what they naturally do.  And yet your needs will be met too – you will have more space to be at peace with the way the animals are.

Stepping back and allowing certain things to happen means these things will take care of themselves.  You will have less stress (and less to do), and more energy to work on the things that matter – the things you actually can control – like your attitude about everything. 😊

This is not giving up.  It means showing up every day in your life with the intention to be your best self, and to do the best you know how, without expecting life to go a certain way.  How many things will just handle themselves if you will allow it?  Are there things in your life that you can automate, like bill paying?  What can be simplified to require less of your attention?

Have goals, have dreams, aspire to take action, have great relationships, but let go of having to be so hands on with what every speck of your life must look like to be happy.   Sometimes just allowing things to be what they are without orchestration is release enough. 

Letting go brings peace and joy, and lest we forget that our outer lives are but a reflection of our inner state of being.

Cultivate the Zen.

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High Fying or Average Joe?

You get a group of high-flying entrepreneurs together, or a group of like-minded individuals coalesced around a cause it’s amazing how fast things can get done.  How quickly goals can be accomplished. How mountains can be moved with a positive eager progress minded energy.

Ideas just seem to flow, resources unlock and plans are enacted.  An entire room can be energized and that energy flows out towards the common goals of the group!  The flow doesn’t stop there. It spills over into the participant’s lives as they are uplifted that energy moves with them.  

This is true for relationships, friendships, interactions with strangers.  When you set your tone to a high vibing place you energize others. You draw the best from them and from your circumstances.  Cooperative components race to your side. You feel like you are in the flow. You feel BLESSED!

Now let’s take a day I think most would call normal.  You roll out of bed. Sign some permission slips and get the kids off to school.  Drive the car you almost like to the job you kinda can’t stand. You’re not thrilled by any means, but it’s an average day – not good, but not bad.  

We’ve all been stuck in that loop.  That loop was memorialized by Willie Lomax in Death of a Salesman.  It’s not new. It’s old. Some even refer to it as the daily grind.


Before you get practiced at setting your tone (i.e. getting on the high-flying disc as Abraham would say) you will become part of the dominant energetic stream that already has momentum going.  

When you look at your life, look at your friends, co-workers and neighbors are you joining into the surrounding streams or are you blazing one of your own?  Are you predominantly happy and satisfied with what you are receiving from life? Are you living your life or someone else’s?

Every day your inner being is finding ways, opportunities, paths of least resistance to remind you that you are blessed.  Reminding you of what it feels like to feel good, feel connected, to feel on purpose and maybe even impassioned. It’s not hard to get back in the stream of well being once you realize you are out.  It’s realizing that you are out. It’s not accepting what is as ALL THAT IS.

We all just want to FEEL GOOD.  Yes, it can be that simple! I want to feel good.  Let’s start there. STEP ONE: Set a daily intention to be repeated often that all I ever really want is to feel good.  Whatever that looks like. Whatever form it takes my predominant intent is to feel good. I will never miss an opportunity to feel good, to raise my vibration, to be a part of the well being on the planet.  I am HERE FOR ALL THAT MATTERS!

Step Two:  Allow the Universe to deliver the Goods.  😊

If you have any questions about Step 1 or Step 2 jump on a discovery call with me and let’s see what we can’t sort out.  There is no good reason to hold yourself outside of well being.

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Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF. I love that saying. Or let me paraphrase. YOU are 100% RESPONSIBLE for the energy you bring into the room. ALWAYS.

You can add or detract from the well-being in the room. You can bring your best (or at least the best you got at the moment) or you can be ornery and mean. You can look to uplift or you can be an energetic bully. Which feels better?

There are days we really want to be the bully. Life’s not fair and the next person that gets in my way is going to GET IT! Sometimes we actually follow through and the customer service rep, our kid’s teacher, the person behind the counter just doesn’t receive our best.

I had an Aunt that could cast a pall over an entire house. Her countenance was that of a continuous funeral. My Father, on the other hand, would light up any room he entered, people were downright cheery when he stopped by.

Children are especially good at interpreting energy and they respond without deception. Having no social filter, they either like you or they don’t and aren’t ashamed to show it!

Beyond our polite words and our social graces, we bring our vibration. The combination of recent events we’ve energetically encountered combined with the power of our active thoughts and beliefs.

Realizing the tremendous impact our energy has on people and the environment it is wise to take a moment to set your tone. Don’t be the person who poisons the well, the Debbie Downer, the constant Naysayer, the Nitpicker, my least favorite ~~ the Whiner.


Your energy will either draw to you or repel people, opportunities, and blessings that you desire in your life. Everyone you meet has the potential to be a cooperative component in your life, just as you have the opportunity to be for them. It’s a spiritual truth that your blessings do not come from others but often through them.

It’s natural to get upset from time to time or to feel harried and out of sorts, but when you are going to open that door to your home and greet your guests, meet your friends, have that meeting at work ~~ take a breath. Literally, shake off the negativity, (it can come back later if you really want it to). Conjure up a smile, yes it really does elevate your energy and square up your shoulders.

It only takes a few moments of allowing good feeling energy to gain some momentum. Your friends, co-workers, spouse, family will thank you for it! How do you turn it around, what tips can you share? Let us know in the comment section below. You may win a free 30-minute session with me just for sharing your thoughts!

Xoxo Jodie


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Or setting your Intentions and then……

There are a few Solid Energetic Practices you can always rely on to serve you well.  In fact like with anything else you try and master there are three categories:

  1. Need to Know
  2. Nice to Know
  3. Now You’re Just Showing Off

I put in Intention Setting in the Need to Know category.

Intention Setting aligns you with your desired outcomes.  It sends your focused energy out ahead of you to begin to create the results that you want to transpire.  

Regardless of what some may believe you have an army of non-physical support waiting to avail themselves to you.  So is this like prayer? Well yes, in a very focused, action-oriented, getting the Divine involved in my day to day for success way. 

I have a trip to Mexico at the end of the year for the winter Holidays.  My intentions look like:

*I intend to have safe travels and pleasant flights to and from our destination.  

*I intend for everyone to experience good health during our trip.  

*I intend to meet fun and interesting people and for the staff to be friendly and helpful.  

*I intend for the children and all participating to have a good time.  

*I intend to have a wonderful experience

*I intend to love the resort and enjoy all the amenities

*I intend to have an abundance of good Vegan food available to us

*I intend to experience great Scuba Diving

*I intend for perfect weather during our stay and travels

And the list goes on….

I’m literally projecting my energy, and the focus of my non-physical counterparts to begin to arrange cooperating components in advance of my arrival.  

But this is not just for big things, this is for your life.  How you wish to live and enter the world. You can intend to see peace in stormy situations with co-workers.  You can intend to be a cooperative component of the highest good in any situation. You can intend to rendezvous with every blessing, to be fully present to receive your abundance today and every day.  

What intention setting is NOT.  

  1. A way to control others
  2. A way to micromanage every situation
  3. A way to delegate your part in the desired outcome

You are one of the cooperative components being aligned for your highest good!  You will be raised up as well to meet your own expectations if you allow it.

Are you willing to get out of your way and be a cooperative agent of your own well being?   Go to and download the worksheet “7 Steps to An Intentionally Powerful Life” to get you started.  

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Keeping Your Eyes On Your Own Paper

Comparing yourself to others is one sure way to deflect your success and get you caught in an Ego Trap. Our Ego is always ready to tell us that we are not good enough and the Comparison Game is a sure way to give it lots of material to work with.

Start anything new and your Ego will race to tell you that someone else is better and how much YOU aren’t like them. In fact, you never will be. Just look at them, they shine. Nevermind that this is your first try and they’ve been at it for years. Nope nope nope. That won’t matter, to the ego. It’s always a zero-sum game. They are winning, therefore, you must be losing.

This isn’t about looking to someone for direction or inspiration. Or finding a person who helps you level up because through their accomplishment they show you what is possible.

This is more like taking score and of course, the next step in the Comparison Game is to find someone you feel superior to. See the Game works both up and down the ladder. While looking up and finding someone to resent, you must also look down and see who ranks below. This pulls you even deeper into comparison.

There will always be that guy that if you are a scorekeeper will blow you out of the water.


That guy is everything you want to be and more. You are in competition with him only in your mind. You begin to tell yourself stories about that guy. Either he is all THAT – or – he’s a drug dealer and beats his dog. The Ego is brilliant and has endless in the ways that it can torture us.

Judging anyone, whether it is from a place of feeling scared or inadequate always feels bad. The Comparison Game always begins from a place of not feeling good enough. When you are confident and balanced in your sense of worth you see people around you as equals and their accomplishments as something they’ve achieved, not something they are.

Keeping your eyes on your paper ensures that you are working from your strength, reaching your benchmarks and focused on your success. As a swimmer in high school, I never started winning competitions until I quit trying to see what the person in the next lane was doing.

You do your best work and create your best life when you value what you have inside. When you can accept that you have greatness in you, no matter the form, you no longer look to the world for their opinion of your worth.

The Journey within ourselves is always the most fascinating. What makes you unique will never be seen in this world again and can not be replicated by another.

*If you are having trouble seeing your value

*If you are feeling blocked and filled with frustration

*If you are asking yourself “Why Me” or “Why Not Me” and your answer is because I don’t matter WE NEED TO TALK.

There is no reason to be in judgment and pain. Confusion is the Ego’s best friend. Click on the link to set up a discovery call and let’s see what we can work out to bring you into your best life ever!! It’s not as far away as you may think!

Much love, Jodie


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Empath Survival Guide

Being an empath now is a thing. It’s definitely a buzz word and talked about more now in the last 2 years than I’ve seen in my whole career. That is not to say I don’t believe that individuals are waking up and consciously experiencing their gift because I do. I’m glad they are. Being an Empath is a superpower.  It is far less about “developing” it than it is honing.

Below I’ve compiled a non-exhaustive survival guide. I hope you enjoy!

  1. It’s important to have a spiritual practice. That does not mean you have to be spiritual, religious or take on any belief system that does not feel right to you. It does mean you have to understand energy from a perspective not taught in other modalities. These daily practices will keep you from being overwhelmed and curb the need to isolate. Empaths need a certain amount of quiet time daily. We all have busy lifestyles but downtime for us is essential.  Whether you rise early to meditate or you end your day with a long soak in a salt bath, both would be beneficial at least one of those will be essential.
  1. Know who you are. Empaths take on a lot of energy. Until you become aware of what is you and what is the rest of the world, it is very difficult for you to establish your own identity. What you believe. What you value. What is your passion? I find that journaling is a big help here. It’s a safe place for you to explore without the noise of excess energy. Also, it’s important as an Empath to know who you are because you run the risk of being influenced unduly by others’ emotion. You stand near someone extremely excited about XYZ, you may begin to believe that you too are excited about XYZ, but are you? Do you know yourself well enough to know that you are enjoying their vibration but you may be completely blase` on the entire topic personally.
  1. Set healthy boundaries in your life and don’t apologize for them. If you find large gatherings overwhelming, invite friends over in smaller groups. Or initiate plans in a 1:1 setting. The point is not to disengage with the world, but to learn how to engage in a way that works for you. If there are certain people that you can’t avoid but trigger you, welcome to the rest of the world. But have a plan, set energetic boundaries through visualization and intention. You can wear protective crystals such as Shungite, Onyx, Hematite or Obsidian that block and absorb energy, stones like Blue Kyanite that transmute or a combination of the two.
  1. Know your limits. This also refers back to #2, however, you are in control of your energy, not the worlds. Know what you can handle and what you can’t. I have very little problems anywhere I go, but I do know that I can’t handle the energy of a concert or a college football game in an arena full of people. About ¾  of the way through I am just worn out. However, if I exposed myself to that energy more, and I prepared for it more I know that I could. The cubicle work place is probably where an empath experiences the most stress. So often the energy in that environment can stagnate and hang in the air. Visualization of filling your space with white light and zipping up a protective shield around you of clean pure energy is the best way to wash the energy of the office before you interact with it.
  1. Understand Law of Attraction. In the wise words of one of my earliest teachers, “It’s about energy Dummy.” You will receive energy in like form based on your core vibration. Again going back #2, it is important to know who you are and where you set your vibrational tone and that you set it INTENTIONALLY. You will draw like experiences to you. An empath has the ability to play with the energy of the world.  You have extreme drawing power and extreme manifesting powers. If you are surrounded by negative people and experiences realize that you are putting them there. Clean up your beliefs and you will change your experience.

As an Empath we feel, that’s what we do, but it’s not about OUR feelings. We are feeling the energy of others, the room, the environment, etc. Literally, the world is not out to hurt our feelings. We are not VICTIMS. It is not personal. Just like a bird doesn’t fly to anger a fish. The world spins and we have the unique ability to understand it at its core. That is provided, of course, you can get out of your own way.  ?????

Xoxo Jodie Hart


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Spiritual Shiny Object Syndrome

Something I’ve noted with clients over the last several years is the level of discovery that they are engaging in.  I think that it’s great.  Before it was I will do me the business person, mom, whatever and I will go to my Spiritual Guide for the other stuff.

I have clients exploring spiritual modalities and experimenting with different techniques and I can share what I know with them.  But, what I am also seeing is Shiny Object Syndrome.  Literally, the attempt to amass mastery in many fields simultaneously or one after another.

While I understand that not everything you try will work for you, it’s more that people are trying everything at once.  One it becomes very confusing.  Two you don’t really know what is working and what isn’t and three, you haven’t stayed long enough with a topic to achieve any wisdom or skill.

I was talking with one young lady who told me she had taken an online course over the weekend with regard to the I Ching.  Very impressed with that I told her how proud I was of her, that it was indeed a study that would surely be very satisfying.  Oh, but wait, she was not only done with her study, she was marketing I Ching readings for others.  Wait, what?  You’ve studied an ancient tradition for like five minutes.  Sigh…..

I know there is a lot out there and there is great information too and you can feel like a kid in a candy store when you start to wake up but do yourself a favor.  Pick one thing, delve into it deeply, richly.  Truly experience what it has to offer and what you can bring into your own being.

Much of what you achieve in the study of any practice is equal to what you give to it.  The journey takes you on a spiritual path and what you learn about the practice, you equally learn about yourself.

There is no hurry.  No rush.  What you are meant to find will find you.  Stay open, stay curious and Enjoy the richness of the journey.

Xoxo Jodie Hart




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Bloom Where You Are

I was reading the other day and I ran across a line that I know my Grandmother said to me when I was a girl.  It went something like, “You have to Bloom where you are Planted”. I liked it when she said things like that. She was always smiling and kind and when she talked like that I felt like she was passing on something timeless that I should remember.

Honestly, it was years later that I understood even a little of what that means.  We don’t always choose our circumstances, especially as children. We can wake up in a marriage that doesn’t work, or in a job that has no future, family troubles can weigh heavy on hearts.  We can be lonelier than we have ever felt missing something that we never had or had and lost.

That sounds dark, and sometimes life feels that way, but eventually, I would remember my Grandmother’s words.  Bloom where you are Planted. You might not be able to change everything today. You may be sometime away from fully embracing the life you want to live, but you can choose to be and feel better now.  Just that choice will set off a chain of events you cannot fathom from your current perspective.

A Course in Miracles reminds us that Spirit can only enter into our lives at the present level of our consciousness.  You can ask to see things differently, you can ask for Understanding, you can ask to be Healed and you can certainly ask for Love to enter into any situation.  You can ask for your Miracle. You will become the Miracle in your life.

Xoxo Jodie


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People Will Disappoint You

They will lie to you. They will pretend that they care. They will hang around for the good stuff and vanish when you need them. It’s in our nature or so I’m told. We live in a “What’s in it for Me Culture.”

What’s a poor Spiritual Traveler to do? ?

New Age thinking will leap to tell you how it’s your fault! You have dirty thinking and bad alignment and everything negative that may ever happen in your life is because you are getting it all wrong.

Conventional thinking will point the bony finger of blame out there at all those others. It must be their fault because YOU don’t have enough personal power to affect your circumstances.

Arrrghhhh… Here you sit trying to pick through your psyche, ponder your navel and divine if this has anything to do with your past life, all in an attempt to figure out how this keeps happening to you. ?

Your energy sets the tone for everything that you receive in your life. We all hear that and while it’s a wonderful sound bite, but WTF does it mean? ?‍♀️

It means this… all thought has form and emits energy. Every belief is pulsing energy. At least the active ones and the inactive ones are more like a low-level hum. Our emotions are a response to our belief in something being good or bad and emit large bursts of energy if aroused.

Intentionally directing your thoughts gives you greater control over how your flow your energy. Greater control over the manifested results in your life as well. You are no longer a slave to the changing conditions of your environment. Great! ?

But…. You keep dating the same jerk over and over with a different face. What about that? That’s an energetic rut. Changing your point of attraction by setting your Intentions will shift that. Always a little more month than money in your bank account. That is the result of thinking woefully out of date with your needs and desires!

Sometimes you may not specifically know what to change or how to shift to get your desired results. That’s okay because you always know how you want to feel. You want to feel good. You want to feel happy. You want to feel confident. ?

Non-Physical will come forward and fill in those blanks. She wants to be happy ~ BAM this will work! She wants to feel confident ~ HOLLA there you go! Some of my best surprises in life came from setting “feeling” intentions.

In my Facebook Group, Worth Wealth & Alignment, I am having a FREE training I’m calling the INTENTIONALLY POWERFUL LIFE.

Learn the Keys to:

  • *Set Feeling Intentions
  • *Identify and Clear Limiting Beliefs
  • *Choose Your NOW Story
  • *Recognize Your Old Patterns when they Arise

Xoxo Jodie L. Hart ?✨?


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The Prince and The Pauper

Paupers vs. Princes?

You are worthy. Everyone is worthy of love, peace, prosperity, happiness, and vibrant health. Well then tell me, if we are all so freakin’ worthy then why are most of us living like Paupers instead of Princes?

Worthiness, as we talked about in Your Emotional Guidance System: Doubtful Directions?, is innate.  It just is.  You are worthy of your dreams because you dream them.  You are worthy of love because you have the ability to love.  You are worthy because you made it here.  HERE.  Right HERE.  Planet Earth.

Worthiness is not a variable.  It doesn’t shift when we change locations or switch topics.   Confidence may vary from bikini to boardroom, but we are not our confidence.  Our relationship to our worthiness, our feelings on a variety of topics, the stories we tell ourselves will, at any given time, determine how much of our worthiness we are allowing ourselves to connect to moment to moment.

WORTHINESS   (wor·thi·ness noun)
the quality of being good enough, the quality of deserving attention or respect.

In working with clients, I often see how they confuse “Worthiness” with Value.  It’s completely different.  Value describes the usefulness of a person or thing.  Our possessions, homes, vehicles can all be “valued”.  We are taught values by our parents and society growing up.  Our code of conduct to live by, or not.  Value is assigned by the world.  We evaluate and calculate value.  We offer our Value.  Value can be tangible or intangible but it is always resides outside of you.  An NFL player may have high value to his team, but if he gets hurt his value declines  His worthiness, however, is still intact.

“If you tie your Worthiness to your Value you will always be at the whim of changing circumstances. “

When you feel worthy of a good feeling body you take care of yourself.  When you feel worthy of love your seek out a mate capable of being a good partner.  When you feel worthy of happiness you create a life that supports that vision.  When you feel worth of your goals you go on the journey to fulfill those intentions.   Value is something we usually assign after the fact.  After the manifestation, after the experience and the process is complete.

All in all, while our Value or our Values do not equate our worthiness, it is our sense of  worthiness that directly influences our Value in our lives.

Xoxo Jodie


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Woman thinking

Your Emotional Guidance System: Doubtful Directions?

“Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.” – Khalil Gibran

Doubt can plague us, follow us, haunt us, cause us sleepless nights and many distracted hours. It creeps into the corners of our minds where certainty once stood shining brightly. If left unchecked, doubt will immobilize our actions and freeze our creative flow. Where does it come from and how can we benefit from doubt? Is Doubt a friend or a foe?

Overall Doubt can be a sign from our Emotional Guidance System that we need more information. We are unsure and unconvinced of the reality before us. In our fluid reality doubt can be seen as a flag signaling that we are going in the right direction and a few tweaks will keep on the right path, or that we are about to be thrown off the road into the bushes all together.

In an ongoing relationship for instance, doubt can let us know in the early subtle stages that the energy in relationship is shifting. We may be picking up on faint outward signs that we and our partner are not in sync.  When we doubt a partner’s sincerity it’s a sign to look deeper. It’s also a sign to slow down because the road ahead is not what it seems. Addressing our doubts with a partner can also send us down roads of greater intimacy. They always signal that further information is available to us if we choose to look.

“Doubt is useful, it keeps faith a living thing. After all, you cannot know the strength of your faith until it has been tested.” – David Magee

There is another form of Doubt, the less kind form. The kind that feels like a dark, slouching presence residing in the corner of our room at night. The kind that feels like the overflow of the emotional closet, a place where all our fears and insecurities are “safely” tucked away. You know the closet, the tightly locked up space within us that allows us to function… as long as we don’t peak inside.

This kind of Doubt erodes our confidence, stops us cold if we try something new, dream too big, or aim too high. It erodes the bonds of our most personal relationships and stands in judgment of even our most innate goodness. This is not your friend or your Inner Guidance. Its nature is elusive. Its roots hard to follow. How do we tame such a beast we cannot see, or taste, or touch?

This Doubt is a red Flag, a big ole Waving in your face red Flag. Its roots lie in our worthiness. Our worthiness is our ability to realize the Divine Nature of our Being, our connection to Source Eternal, to the All that Is, God/dess. Doubt does not create this separation, but it is an indication that we are separating ourselves from Divine Life force. Accepting the Divinity of our Nature, that we are here for a purpose, a reason, that our presence is not a mistake or an accident of fate is the first step to accepting that there are bigger forces at play in our lives and that our lives matter.

Acceptance of the Divine within is the beginning to taming the doubts that chase you through your days and nights. It is the first step to allowing Healing, Love, and Forgiveness, both for self and for others, to take hold. It will bring the Peace that alludes you and the surety of your place in the world, no matter the turbulence of the waves around you. You are loved. You are Worthy. You do Belong Here.

Xoxo Jodie


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