Instant Success 100% Guaranteed!!!

Just add water and stir and you too will be beautiful, thin and rich. Don’t we wish that were true! We know it’s not but, there is still some little part of us that says, “What if…. ” What if it were True? What if I could have those things?

Sometimes we go to the website, read the pamphlet and even buy a trial size just to see. Excitedly we wait for our miracle cure. We know how the story will end. We’ve all bought into the dream before. The thing is what you want is within your grasp.

Regardless of your unique life circumstances, or how you define success, you don’t suddenly become successful. You become successful over time from all the little things you do every day.

Failure occurs in the same way. Even the seemingly insignificant aspects of your life can produce ripples of consequence – for better or worse.

This is GOOD NEWS!! You don’t need cataclysmic shifts in your daily behavior to start to be successful in your goals. You start where you are. You start small. Daily incremental steps. All you need is the next step.

Want to get there faster and have even more fun along the way, CELEBRATE EVERY SUCCESS! Don’t wait till you lose 50 lbs. Get a massage at 5 lbs.!

Don’t put your highest good on hold until something else happens first. “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”


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kicking water at the beach

Obstacles as Opportunities

Sometimes my clients asked me if they are being punished by God. They feel as if they are being thwarted at every turn. The answer is always No, but I get how easy it is to feel that way when it seems everything you touch is turning to dust. Aaaaaargh!

Then I’m going to come along and say, Obstacles are Opportunities and you are gonna wanna punch me.

This is the thing, my greatest skill as an Intuitive Counsellor, is that of a Connector. I connect people with their Guides. I help them interact more directly with their Spiritual Possee to implement Best Strategies for their lives. So with permission granted me, there is a story I want to share.

My client Sandy had been through one helluva marriage for 20+ years to a physically abusive man. We began working together a year or so before her divorce. When the last child graduated from high school he left her for a much younger woman in another state. No warning. In fact no note!

Together with her Guides she navigated the legalities, got support, started to remember her self-worth and began to rebuild her life. She was coming into her own after all the years of abuse. She was literally coming back alive in front of my eyes. It was a miracle!

But there was still one big issue. The house. She was living in the home where all the abuse took place. Where every room was still filled with his crap. The couch he picked out, his chair, his ashtrays, his hunting TROPHIES. His family would still drop by and randomly just take things from the property, without even consulting her. I kept saying to Sandy you have to get out of that house.

Months went by and her anxiety began to return again. She would say that she couldn’t sleep at night and began having a familiar heavy feeling while she was at the house. She started to stay away until she absolutely had to go home. Finally, I said, Sandy if you Don’t Get Out of that House I Swear Spirit is Going to Burn it Down! Truly I thought I was speaking metaphorically.

Two weeks later she called to tell me her house burned down while she was away on a business trip. I’m not just talking a little fire on the porch, I mean down to the foundation. I almost fell off my chair.

The best thing that ever happened for Sandy! She collected a check and within 3 weeks moved out of state to stay with her sister. She took a job with a company that had been courting her for a while but she didn’t have the confidence yet to start something new. Within a few months of arriving in her new town, which she loved, she met a man. A wonderful guy that couldn’t quit gushing over her. He thought that Sandy hung the moon!

The road opened because of the obstacle that had been keeping her in place was removed. Her desire to change her life was so great that it empowered her guides to act boldly and with the help of some faulty wiring in an older home, they got the job done.

Your Guides will whisper, then nudge, then create a little chaos to get your attention. Eventually, they will burn your house down. Why? Because you are always asking, constantly wanting more. As you are asking you are going to run into your obstacles usually created by your own fear-based thinking. Don’t quit ~~ use it to your advantage. Redirect to stay on the path.

Do you need some redirection? Are you in fire prevention mode? Together we can see where the paths of least resistance will open for you.

Book a session with me today!


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I am so excited to tell you about my monthly transit horoscopes. They are my detailed, accurate monthly transit horoscopes written for you with great care and love.

The Astrology Hack You Didn’t Know You Needed

I had a friend in college that drove this smoking, beat up 15-year-old Plymouth Duster in blue. She got cases used oil from the garage because the car literally ate a gallon of oil a week. She had this long stick to open the back window, while driving mind you, to let the smoke out that would fill the car. Whatever life threw at Laura she had a workaround. She was and is today the most fluid individual I know and the Queen of Life Hacks.

In the broader picture we know that life just happens, continuously unfolding and opening before us. Even if we are feeling stuck change is still happening all around us. The food you just had for lunch is being absorbed and becoming part of your cellular structure changing you fundamentally from the inside.

It’s easy to get caught up in the swirling mass of energy. Lose our focus, sometimes dreadfully, even ourselves for a bit. How does one understand the shifting sands, stay on top of the changing tides, navigate an evolving landscape? Your monthly Astrology Report based on your Natal Mandala, the Gateway of your Entrance into this Life, is the key to this report’s powerful influence and the answer to What the Heck does this all Mean.

Being aware of the movement of energy in your life, the high notes, and the baritones, helps you make the most of every experience. Planning your adventures becomes a breeze, your life begins to make sense. The time to reap and the time to sow becomes apparent. Anxiety falls away because you are in sync with your natural rhythms.

We all may not be as fluid like as lovely Laura, but we certainly don’t have to stumble around in the dark tripping over the furniture either😉This Monthly Insider’s report has been my Life Hack for the last 10 years. It stays tucked in my calendar, open in a tab on my computer and by my side because it is packed full of insight and real-life guidance.

Do you want to know if this will work for you? If this report is everything I say it is? Click here to view a sample report…/…/06/Jeanne-Dixon-Sample-Report.pdf and see for yourself!

If you are ready for all the details on how to have this delivered to your inbox every month with a no-hassle cancellation policy at any time click here:

Ready to Hack Your Life?


Get Your Personalized Astrology Report

I am so excited to tell you about my monthly transit horoscopes. They are my detailed, accurate monthly transit horoscopes written for you with great care and love.

woman with cupcake

Abundance Can Make Us Forgetful

The more abundant our lives grow to be the more we forget to be grateful.  Seems odd, doesn’t it?  When we are experiencing a time of lack it’s easy to find people on their knees, but the forgetful nature of man is always at play.

When there is a rise from our lack-filled circumstances and we forget how we found the strength, inspiration, lucky coincidence, outright miracle that led us to greener pastures and still waters.

I remember after the financial crash of 2008.  My home in Florida had decreased to 40% of its value overnight.  My credit lines were slashed by the banks and my checking and savings account were gone because of a bank closure and I would be getting a check someday in the “whenever that will be” future.  I didn’t have the money for my mortgage.  WTF!

Of my own will, I was tapped.  Out of options.  Had no idea what to do.  All I could do was turn to the Universe and plead for help.  I didn’t know where it was coming.  I had to surrender all notion of how this could be fulfilled or what was next.

Two days later I get a check in the mail for $2,400.  The relief that washed over me felt like a cool, refreshing wave.  Apparently a couple of years ago I filled out one of those postcards that you get to be part of a class action suit.  Usually, if you receive anything, it’s a coupon for a stick of gum.  But this time, right when I needed it the most, I am standing at my door holding a check that was twice what I needed for my mortgage.  Holy shit!

Someone said to me “Well it wasn’t really a miracle that was already on it’s way to you.”  Really?  While that may be true it could have come two weeks before and landed in my account before they were all frozen.  It could have been months later or a coupon for a stick of gum.  No, you can’t take back my miracle Mr. Wordly.

That was a defining moment in my miracle mindset.  One that I didn’t later try to explain away or diminish.  I just accepted it for what it was.  I milked that experience for every ounce of gratitude and appreciation I could.  Even today when I wonder “How the hell?” I think back on that as a touchstone.

But I must admit even though I live what I consider to be an abundant life can wake up and realize my energy is off.  I’m irritable and out of sorts and little things seem to be heading in frustrating directions.  It doesn’t take long for me to realize I may not have gotten out of grace, but I am not in Gratitude.

Gratitude does not just raise your vibration placing where you can receive on so many levels (spiritually, emotionally and physically) it also builds your believing and changes your internal dialogue which is huge.  That means it not only raises your vibe once you get some momentum going but it permanently starts to raise your core vibration.  That’s your money shot right there.

If you need help sorting this out, getting back in your vibe, remembering where your vibe is, if you ever had one, message me.  Group members enjoy special rates and previews of my offers so I can always send you a link to join when you do or feel free to CLICK the link below.


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I am so excited to tell you about my monthly transit horoscopes. They are my detailed, accurate monthly transit horoscopes written for you with great care and love.

Looking out the blinds

I Can See You but You Can’t See Me

The grown-up form of Peek-A-Boo.

That’s when you think that you understand everyone but no one gets you. You are the last Enigma. The Master of Illusion. Everyone is wondering what you are up to.

No one is wondering.

They probably think you are acting weird.

Hmmm, you mean I’m not special? Aren’t you supposed to be telling me how special I am right now? Uh, yeah. Well, there are 9 Billion light beings down on this planet which means you and everyone else is pretty special.

What’s more, everyone and everything is connected. HA! That’s pretty special.

Trying to hold yourself apart from that to be original, well that’s just dumb.

When you are managing your thoughts, when you are in control of your focus, when you lifting your energy up that’s when you connect to something pretty special. You have access to the magic of the universe, the well-being intended for all of us and mind-blowing inspiration and thought form.

I get that a lot of people are going to say, “Hey that’s not the way it is for me.” “This stuff is really hard and I’m getting knocked around everywhere!”

I know. I think the newly awakened have it a little rough at first. They’re really sensitive to energy creating left and right – some things you like, some things you don’t. it can feel all swirly and confusing like you can’t get out of your own way.

But, seriously you got to get a handle on this stuff. It’s really good stuff!!! Aaaaaaaand it’s not like you really have a choice because here you are and you can’t go back and not take the red pill.

Helpful Tips:

  1. Maintain a sense of humor.
  2. Do not over-react, this is your new normal.
  3. It gets easier, more fun and more awesome the more you grow.
  4. Find a good mentor.
  5. Learn to trust your Gut.
  6. Don’t freak out you can’t get this wrong

Need a little help figuring all this out? Want to get to the good stuff sooner? Want to feel a little more in control of whats unfolding? Set up some time with me here and be sure to use the Coupon Code SOGOOD15 to receive 15% off your order through August 30th!!

Taking some time for the holiday in the US, but I have some openings over the next two weeks.


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I am so excited to tell you about my monthly transit horoscopes. They are my detailed, accurate monthly transit horoscopes written for you with great care and love.

The Magic Is Not What You Think

There are those of us, myself included at times, that yearn for the Spiritual Band-Aid, the Magic Wand of “It’s Gonna Be Alright”. Drink this potion, hold this crystal, light this candle and say this affirmation 100 times in 2x days and VOILA!! You are back in clover.

I WISH!! No seriously, I wish.

See when we end up in the soup, we didn’t get there by chance. We go there by a 100 maybe 1,000 little choices we were making over a period of time ~~ weeks, months, even years depending on what we are talking about.

  • Bad Relationships
  • Financial Troubles
  • Dead End Jobs
  • Health Problems
  • Loss of Purpose
  • Lack of Fulfillment

Often times folks turn to spirituality, metaphysics, or religion during this time. They seek answers. They want things to change. They have a long list of things they want to change. They want their spouse to change, and their kids and their bank account balances.

The only thing they don’t want to change is their MINDS

Isn’t that crazy? I mean really crazy when you start to look at. The only constant in your life is YOU and YOUR thinking, Your Energetic Vibration, but we think the problems are always out there. Things are always being done to US. It feels so personal. It’s not.

The other day I had this woman out and out go off on me. Really, not kidding here and the entire time I’m having this internal dialog with myself. She became almost non-existent except for me to see that I wasn’t reacting. I was fascinated that I wasn’t getting upset. It dawned on me that I may not have created that particular reality, but here I was CREATING MY EXPERIENCE OF IT.

I became so enraptured with the thoughts of my experience, I wanted to actually thank her. Her’s was quite different, I’m sure. She messaged me for 45 minutes without a response and I could tell she had really worked up a head of steam but then was starting to crash from emotional exhaustion.

I used to be her! I remember riding that roller coaster of emotion. The world hasn’t changed since then, BUT I HAVE. I showed up and did the work to get in alignment with who I wanted to be. How I wanted to experience the world.

Everything else will come. I mean everything from improved relationships, purpose, fulfillment and financial success. It may not be fairy tales and fairy dust that get the job done, but humans are powerful creators and you can begin changing your circumstances tomorrow by your willingness to change your mind today.

A powerful affirmation you can use anytime that will serve you well in any situation you feel yourself losing control or just becoming frustrated is… I choose to see this through the eyes of Peace. Beginning your day stating I choose to see my day, my life, others as I experience today through the eyes of peace will do more to align you with your highest good than a day for of half-hearted good deeds!

If you are looking for some direction in how to make some mind-blowing changes in your life, message me.  As a Psychic Medium and Spirit Guide Channel I excel at connecting you with your Source tapping into All that Is for you to have the life you Desire. Your Desires are your Destiny and they were placed there by a Loving and Kind Universe. Your Guides are ready, are you?


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I am so excited to tell you about my monthly transit horoscopes. They are my detailed, accurate monthly transit horoscopes written for you with great care and love.

The four letters of LOVE

Showing Up for Love and All The Good Things In Life

Early in my Metaphysical career, I worked primarily as an Intuitive and like most Intuitive Readers we get asked a lot about L ~ O ~ V ~ E.  That little four letter word that makes the world go round, sets your soul on fire and has your head in the clouds.  😊  No one is a bigger proponent of love, love, love than I.

Occasionally I would get these calls from people wondering when they would find their person. Forget soulmate or twin flame, just their person. Now I always want to see the best for everyone, so here I am doing my thang and I have to say, Hmmm you don’t leave the house. You have a wall up so high, you’re not even engaging in pleasantries.  The last person that flirted with you, you blocked on social media!

Only once in 30 years has one of my clients married the UPS guy. She literally did not have to engage, he was just delivered to her door with the packages.

Seriously, whether it’s love, your career or your spirituality, YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP.

Affirmations be damned if you aren’t making yourself available for your DESIRE ~ if you don’t allow anything nothing will happen.

I can say it doesn’t matter what holds you back because there is only one thing that holds anyone back ~~ FEAR.  It does not matter the form it takes or the voice ~~ It’s fear.

A course in miracles teaches us that there is only one true thing in the Universe and that is Love.  Fear is nothing but the absence of love.  Abraham, as channeled by Esther Hicks, says there is only a stream of well-being and the pinching off of that stream.

So if Fear doesn’t really exist, how can it be so debilitating in our lives? Fear is the invisible wall that separates us from what we really want. We can see, sometimes we smell it. We long to experience it, but we just can’t find the courage to reach for it. I say invisible because fear only exists in our mind. It’s woven into the stories that we tell ourselves.

It’s our excuses for not trying. It’s the excuses we make to others for not showing up. Over time it will be our regrets.

Lord that sounds dismal.

Oh wait, it doesn’t really exist! If fear is woven into the stories that we tell ourselves; then can it be that we can begin to tell a new story? That we can start to change the story we tell ourselves? That as we tell this new story we can start to experience a new reality and so on and so on?

You don’t have to tackle your fears at once. You can begin to nibble around the edges of them in your journal, in your affirmations. You can open up in your meditations and allow that good feeling energy to flow.


If you’re ready to do the work to clean out the fear that is holding you back message me and we can set up a time to talk.  Let’s do some myth busting around fear in your life and see where we will find your joy today!

I have a few single session appts. available between now and June 12th.  This is a great time to invest in your inner work and open up your receiving of the desires of your heart.  Is it Love that you are seeking?  Purpose?  Or maybe your desires are clear but the road is not.

The desires of your heart were placed there by God.  It is your destiny to fulfill them. Working with your Guides is a deeply moving and loving experience.  They understand the fullness of you.  Working with me often begins to open more access for you to work with your Guides directly and know their wisdom for yourself.


Girl with light balls

Doubt Your Doubts Before You Doubt Your Faith

That’s the super-short version of my advice for those moments when nothing seems to be going as planned — when everything you want seems out of reach.

Just be right where you are, with an open mind.

Let go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and sincerely appreciate it for everything that it is.

Easier said than done of course, especially when tragedy strikes.  We’ve all coped with real tragedies, but let’s be honest:  we create a lot of tragedy in our lives out of fairly minor incidents.  Something doesn’t go exactly as planned, we freak out about it and let stress become us.

Truth be told, the biggest difference between peace and stress is attitude.  It’s about how you look at a situation and what you decide to do with it.  It’s remembering that there are no certainties in life — you don’t know exactly what the future will bring.  So your best strategy for living is to make the best and most positive use of the present moment, even when it disappoints you…

Especially when it disappoints you!

Your life, with all its ups and downs, with all its unexpected twists and turns, has molded you for the greater good.  Your life has been exactly what it needed to be up to this point.  Don’t think you’ve lost time.  Don’t think you haven’t arrived.  It took each and every intricate and confusing situation you have encountered to bring you to right here, right now.

And if you have the courage to admit that you’re a little scared, the ability to smile even as you cry, the nerve to ask for help when you need it, and the wisdom to take it when it’s offered, then you have everything you need at this moment.

The only thing stopping you is your mind and the thoughts you entertain. Take a deep breath and re-center yourself. You’ve become a true master of your life when you learn how to master your focus. Value what you give your energy to. Focus your energy on what matters most — the present.

Some things to remember while moving forward…

It’s truly powerful and beautiful when a person’s intentions are genuine.  Remember to do things for the right reasons, even when things don’t work out as planned.  Your “why” must be bigger than the disappointments and challenges you face.  As often as you can, remind yourself why!  With a strong enough reason why, you’ll be able to do what’s required at any time and in any circumstance.

If somebody is working on themselves and changing for the better, it’s unnecessary to keep bringing up their past.  People can change and grow.  Take this to heart, and show yourself the same courtesy too.  Oftentimes you don’t even realize that you’re blocking your own present blessings by holding on to the past.  Start letting go and be present now.

Calmness is a human superpower.  The ability to not overreact or take things personally keeps your mind clear and your heart at peace.  It’s never too late to change your attitude about something you can’t change.  Just decide to make the best of it.  Take life day by day and be grateful for the little things.  Let go of all the purposeless drama, aimless time-wasters, and mental clutter that keeps getting in your way.

Take care of your mind and the way you speak to yourself.  Don’t let negative self-talk defeat you.  Talk like you are blessed.  Walk like you are blessed.  Think like you are blessed.  Work like you are blessed.  And you will be, one way or another.

The wrong choices can bring us to the right places.  The biggest failures often carry the best lessons.  When you fail to get what you want, consider that it just might be a blessing in disguise.  Seriously, be grateful that certain connections and situations didn’t work out.  If you didn’t let go and learn, you would be stuck with false promises.

It’s funny how we outgrow what we once thought we couldn’t live without, and then we fall in love with what we didn’t even know we wanted.  Eventually, you’ll end up where you need to be, doing the right things, alongside the right people.  Patience and persistence are the key.  But don’t forget to pause on occasion and appreciate how far you’ve come, so you can step forward again with grace.

Go ahead and sing out loud in the car with the windows down, dance in your living room with your family, stay up late laughing, paint your walls any color you want, and enjoy some sweet wine and chocolate cake.  Go ahead and sleep in on clean white sheets, throw spontaneous parties, and read books so good you lose track of time.  Just keep living and making God glad that he gave life to someone who loves and appreciates the gift.


If you haven’t had time to check out the replay of our free class in Worth Wealth & Alignment ( ) you have two more days to enjoy the magic before it’s gone from the Group.

I have a few single session appts. available between now and June 8th.  This is a great time to invest in your inner work and open up your receiving of the desires of your heart.  Is it Love that you are seeking?  Purpose?  Or maybe your desires are clear but the road is not.

The desires of your heart were placed there by God.  It is your destiny to fulfill them. Working with your Guides is a deeply moving and loving experience.  They understand the fullness of you.  Working with me often begins to open more access for you to work with your Guides directly and know their wisdom for yourself.

A cow in pasture

Some things are worth changing. Most things aren’t.

“If you want to control your animals, give them a larger pasture.”  That’s a quote I heard at a class several years ago focused on the power of changing your attitude about the things you can’t change or don’t need to change.

The animals and their larger pasture are a form of letting go and allowing things to be the way they are – instead of trying to tightly control something, you’re loosening up, giving it more space, a larger pasture.

The animals will be happier – they will roam around and do what they naturally do.  And yet your needs will be met too – you will have more space to be at peace with the way the animals are.

Stepping back and allowing certain things to happen means these things will take care of themselves.  You will have less stress (and less to do), and more energy to work on the things that matter – the things you actually can control – like your attitude about everything. 😊

This is not giving up.  It means showing up every day in your life with the intention to be your best self, and to do the best you know how, without expecting life to go a certain way.  How many things will just handle themselves if you will allow it?  Are there things in your life that you can automate, like bill paying?  What can be simplified to require less of your attention?

Have goals, have dreams, aspire to take action, have great relationships, but let go of having to be so hands on with what every speck of your life must look like to be happy.   Sometimes just allowing things to be what they are without orchestration is release enough. 

Letting go brings peace and joy, and lest we forget that our outer lives are but a reflection of our inner state of being.

Cultivate the Zen.

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High Fying or Average Joe?

You get a group of high-flying entrepreneurs together, or a group of like-minded individuals coalesced around a cause it’s amazing how fast things can get done.  How quickly goals can be accomplished. How mountains can be moved with a positive eager progress minded energy.

Ideas just seem to flow, resources unlock and plans are enacted.  An entire room can be energized and that energy flows out towards the common goals of the group!  The flow doesn’t stop there. It spills over into the participant’s lives as they are uplifted that energy moves with them.  

This is true for relationships, friendships, interactions with strangers.  When you set your tone to a high vibing place you energize others. You draw the best from them and from your circumstances.  Cooperative components race to your side. You feel like you are in the flow. You feel BLESSED!

Now let’s take a day I think most would call normal.  You roll out of bed. Sign some permission slips and get the kids off to school.  Drive the car you almost like to the job you kinda can’t stand. You’re not thrilled by any means, but it’s an average day – not good, but not bad.  

We’ve all been stuck in that loop.  That loop was memorialized by Willie Lomax in Death of a Salesman.  It’s not new. It’s old. Some even refer to it as the daily grind.


Before you get practiced at setting your tone (i.e. getting on the high-flying disc as Abraham would say) you will become part of the dominant energetic stream that already has momentum going.  

When you look at your life, look at your friends, co-workers and neighbors are you joining into the surrounding streams or are you blazing one of your own?  Are you predominantly happy and satisfied with what you are receiving from life? Are you living your life or someone else’s?

Every day your inner being is finding ways, opportunities, paths of least resistance to remind you that you are blessed.  Reminding you of what it feels like to feel good, feel connected, to feel on purpose and maybe even impassioned. It’s not hard to get back in the stream of well being once you realize you are out.  It’s realizing that you are out. It’s not accepting what is as ALL THAT IS.

We all just want to FEEL GOOD.  Yes, it can be that simple! I want to feel good.  Let’s start there. STEP ONE: Set a daily intention to be repeated often that all I ever really want is to feel good.  Whatever that looks like. Whatever form it takes my predominant intent is to feel good. I will never miss an opportunity to feel good, to raise my vibration, to be a part of the well being on the planet.  I am HERE FOR ALL THAT MATTERS!

Step Two:  Allow the Universe to deliver the Goods.  😊

If you have any questions about Step 1 or Step 2 jump on a discovery call with me and let’s see what we can’t sort out.  There is no good reason to hold yourself outside of well being.

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Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF. I love that saying. Or let me paraphrase. YOU are 100% RESPONSIBLE for the energy you bring into the room. ALWAYS.

You can add or detract from the well-being in the room. You can bring your best (or at least the best you got at the moment) or you can be ornery and mean. You can look to uplift or you can be an energetic bully. Which feels better?

There are days we really want to be the bully. Life’s not fair and the next person that gets in my way is going to GET IT! Sometimes we actually follow through and the customer service rep, our kid’s teacher, the person behind the counter just doesn’t receive our best.

I had an Aunt that could cast a pall over an entire house. Her countenance was that of a continuous funeral. My Father, on the other hand, would light up any room he entered, people were downright cheery when he stopped by.

Children are especially good at interpreting energy and they respond without deception. Having no social filter, they either like you or they don’t and aren’t ashamed to show it!

Beyond our polite words and our social graces, we bring our vibration. The combination of recent events we’ve energetically encountered combined with the power of our active thoughts and beliefs.

Realizing the tremendous impact our energy has on people and the environment it is wise to take a moment to set your tone. Don’t be the person who poisons the well, the Debbie Downer, the constant Naysayer, the Nitpicker, my least favorite ~~ the Whiner.


Your energy will either draw to you or repel people, opportunities, and blessings that you desire in your life. Everyone you meet has the potential to be a cooperative component in your life, just as you have the opportunity to be for them. It’s a spiritual truth that your blessings do not come from others but often through them.

It’s natural to get upset from time to time or to feel harried and out of sorts, but when you are going to open that door to your home and greet your guests, meet your friends, have that meeting at work ~~ take a breath. Literally, shake off the negativity, (it can come back later if you really want it to). Conjure up a smile, yes it really does elevate your energy and square up your shoulders.

It only takes a few moments of allowing good feeling energy to gain some momentum. Your friends, co-workers, spouse, family will thank you for it! How do you turn it around, what tips can you share? Let us know in the comment section below. You may win a free 30-minute session with me just for sharing your thoughts!

Xoxo Jodie


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Or setting your Intentions and then……

There are a few Solid Energetic Practices you can always rely on to serve you well.  In fact like with anything else you try and master there are three categories:

  1. Need to Know
  2. Nice to Know
  3. Now You’re Just Showing Off

I put in Intention Setting in the Need to Know category.

Intention Setting aligns you with your desired outcomes.  It sends your focused energy out ahead of you to begin to create the results that you want to transpire.  

Regardless of what some may believe you have an army of non-physical support waiting to avail themselves to you.  So is this like prayer? Well yes, in a very focused, action-oriented, getting the Divine involved in my day to day for success way. 

I have a trip to Mexico at the end of the year for the winter Holidays.  My intentions look like:

*I intend to have safe travels and pleasant flights to and from our destination.  

*I intend for everyone to experience good health during our trip.  

*I intend to meet fun and interesting people and for the staff to be friendly and helpful.  

*I intend for the children and all participating to have a good time.  

*I intend to have a wonderful experience

*I intend to love the resort and enjoy all the amenities

*I intend to have an abundance of good Vegan food available to us

*I intend to experience great Scuba Diving

*I intend for perfect weather during our stay and travels

And the list goes on….

I’m literally projecting my energy, and the focus of my non-physical counterparts to begin to arrange cooperating components in advance of my arrival.  

But this is not just for big things, this is for your life.  How you wish to live and enter the world. You can intend to see peace in stormy situations with co-workers.  You can intend to be a cooperative component of the highest good in any situation. You can intend to rendezvous with every blessing, to be fully present to receive your abundance today and every day.  

What intention setting is NOT.  

  1. A way to control others
  2. A way to micromanage every situation
  3. A way to delegate your part in the desired outcome

You are one of the cooperative components being aligned for your highest good!  You will be raised up as well to meet your own expectations if you allow it.

Are you willing to get out of your way and be a cooperative agent of your own well being?   Go to and download the worksheet “7 Steps to An Intentionally Powerful Life” to get you started.  

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