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Hustle and Flow ~ Are You Moving So Fast Your Inspiration Can’t Catch Up?

The best time to take a deep breath is when you don’t have time for it.


Hustling is a celebrated state of being in our modern culture.

We’re always hustling around and rushing so fast that we’re utterly exhausted when it comes time to make some of life’s most important decisions.

There’s absolutely no reason to be in such a mad rush that you end up at the top of the wrong ladder – pursuing someone else’s agenda instead of your own.

Schedule time every day to focus inward – mindfulness rituals, mantras, journaling, prayer, gratitude, whatever floats your boat – and bring clarity to your daily decisions and lifestyle. When you do you will open your mind to ideas and opportunities you can’t grasp in the midst of mindless hustle.

Just last week I had to completely unplug. I truly was in overload with my businesses, the family, myself.

Clearing the endless noise and just spending time in nature and with a good book by the pool did wonders for my clarity and reasoning skills. More importantly, it restored the inner peace I need to feel comfortable and confident when making a decision.

Time spent focusing inward – finding clarity doesn’t just help you – your mind is powerful and your thoughts create ripples in the world around you.

When you bring clarity into your life, you bring the best of yourself into everything you do – you treat yourself and others better, communicate more constructively, do things for the right reasons, and ultimately improve the world we’re living in.

The bottom line is that a slower pace and a heightened level of awareness – mental clarity – elevates you in countless ways. Then interesting things begin happening – good things you haven’t even thought of yet.

Need some help slowing things down and gaining clarity around your choices?  Has a year of retrogrades left your exhausted and insecure in your decision making? Message me and we can set up a time to contact your Guides and have them shed some light on the path before you.



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Attachment to our problems and/or unwanted circumstances keeps us anchored where we are. We can not move forward when we are living in our past. When our struggles have become what we use to define ourselves we are closed off from receiving healing, help or inspiration. No longer do we see ourselves as whole, but the scar, the struggle, the loss has become the container that holds our identity.

We all know someone from our family, groups of friends or perhaps someone that we encounter that will recite a story as if it happened yesterday. Later you find out that what took place was years in the past. They wear their struggle like a badge of honor. I am a survivor, they will say. Look let me tell my tale of woe. They are not telling their story to enlighten or teach but they offer it as the reason they can’t experience abundance. Why joy is withheld from them. Why success and happiness are for other people, but why it will never be a part of their NOW story.

Nothing defines you unless you make it part of your story. How you see yourself, how you tell your story is what you will become. It is what you are living now.

Do you like the story you tell? Would you like to tell a different one? How would you define yourself if you really had the chance? What do you want people to know about you and what you are becoming? Answer in the comments or use this as a journal prompt. I would love to hear what you have to say.

Who are you really? What would people be surprised to know?



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When Our Manifestation Takes a Turn For The Worse!

Yikes, you were going along just fine, all lined up and WHAM out of nowhere you just got thrown a curve ball.  It seemed so random, so out of the blue, but here you are feeling dazed and confused.

Did Law of Attraction fail you?

Is there a deep secretly held belief you sabotaging your life?

Is it your mother’s fault?

The Answers are No, Probably Not, and No.

What is probably happening, as my Guides reminded me of recently, is that you were going along, living your previous manifestation and you birthed a new desire for something more.

Thing is you are standing here, and now it’s over there.  You, meaning we, now have to grow big enough for the new experience and sometimes that can look a little chaotic.

You want to up-level your income and all of a sudden you lose your job!!  Your Guides are saying, “Hey she won’t go look for the position we lined up with the more money unless we inspire her to act.  You who never seem to pay attention to the subtle cues we send out daily, here is some big contrast to get you on your way.”

The bigger the intention, the bigger the leap, the bigger the contrast at times.  Abraham says all you have to do is align with what is wanted.  While that is true, it is not always easy.  Coming into alignment with what is wanted can take you on an emotional and spiritual journey you never suspected was ahead.

Does this mean you stop wanting new things, new experiences, greater clarity?  Of course not, but you may begin to realize that every time you ask for more there is a period of being raised up.  The ground needs to be broken to accept new seed.  Look for the meaning in the contrast and the direction it is leading you in.

Need a little clarity?  Want to know why your Guides seem to have gone rogue? Message me to schedule an Intuitive Channeling/Tarot session and together let’s find out what’s going on and where you can take it from here.



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You Look Strong On The Outside All The While Dying On The Inside.

Spiritually you can be on your last breath so disconnected from Source that you are terminally exhausted. You can be emotionally ready to crumble from untended wounds. Mentally you can be so stretched you are ready to break into a million pieces if just one thing doesn’t drop the way it should.

But you can look good ~~ for a while.

I’ve done it. I would have to say that is one of my better than average skills.

And I’ve crashed too.

We can get so good at compartmentalizing our fears, our wounds, our traumas we trick ourselves into believing that they no longer exist. Until something in the general vibrational vicinity happens and the over the top reaction comes flooding out.

What do you do? Well, some of that depends. Are you pre-crash but you know it’s coming? Are you a little afraid to go digging up bones for fear of what might spring out? Understandable.

Start by first by stabilizing your behavior. Getting more rest. Eating better. Taking time out. Starting a meditation practice. Denying self-care is a form of abuse. Get help if you need to. As you begin to withdraw from some toxic behaviors you will be in a better position to look at the bigger arc of your circumstances.

If you are post-crash and feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck. You have to soothe. You have to unwind. You can’t process anything right now. You are overloaded because your bags are too tightly packed.

I’m a big fan of working it out in a journal. It is a form of prayer and meditation for me. I receive quite a bit when I am connected through writing: clarity, peace, a sense of being grounded. I usually just start free-writing which can seem very chaotic, but over time my thoughts slow and they organize.

Pre or post-crash there comes a point where you have to surrender. You have to ask for help from your Higher Power. After the break-up, the meltdown, the hospital stay, the setting our hair on fire moment the one thing we usually do feel is raw, stripped bare. There is a clarity that can come in those moments, but you can also shoot yourself in the foot to stop thinking about a toothache.

I used to think that was the inevitable destination. Just store everything up and pick up the pieces once it all explodes all over the place. Imagine my surprise when I learned to maintain mental, emotional and spiritual health actually meant that you didn’t have to live that way. One crisis to the next. On the contrary, while we think of caring for ourselves as selfish it is the most loving thing we can do for our loved ones and family.



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Arrrrgh… Why Are We So Locked into Our Thinking?

You know what I mean when even the idea of something better, something easier is outside of our grasp. So far that you can’t imagine that it really exists. Have you ever caught yourself arguing against your own Good? Your own Wellbeing? Your own Happiness? I think this is where the saying “They’d rather be right than Happy” comes from.

Well, I have! Let me be frank…… it stunk. There was a time in my life I literally fought for my victimhood and actively participated in a limiting illusion. Why? Because I lost my connection to Source Energy. I lost my sense that I mattered, that I was a Creator, that I had power. In fact, during that time I was confused, sad and lacking purpose, I questioned why I wanted to be on planet earth. Everything felt so meaningless.

99% of the time it’s our thoughts about our life, not our actual life that is making us unhappy. SO WHAT GIVES??? Here we are, powerful creators, who can and do create our own JOY or Misery by where we are consistently flowing energy mostly in the form of our thoughts.

BUT………….. when we are not tapped in, tuned in, turned on by Source Energy meaning we are trying to do it all by ourselves as solo providers of our well being, we run out of steam fast. Our energy drops, our limiting thoughts kick in, the inner critic jumps on the chance to tell you-you are not good enough and the spiral begins.

You know what usually kicks it in too?  Someone out there, outside of ourselves telling us, accusing us, disappointing us, reflecting back to us their fears and insecurities and we believe them.  Our lover doesn’t love us anymore.  It must be our fault.  Our teacher doesn’t validate us, I must not be worthy.  Our friends take advantage of us, we don’t feel our value.


  • How do you tap into the Energy that creates worlds?
  • What does it mean to be deep in the Energetic Flow?
  • How can I start changing my Life Today and getting more of what I want?
  • How Can I feel more Worthy of the Desires on my Heart?
  • Are my Desires really My Destiny? (Hint: YES)

Do you want to learn how to get the things your heart desires? Live the life you dream of? Are you tired of being so disconnected and feeling like everything is an uphill battle? I used to feel that way too! Now I know how to lock into what I want and manifest what I desire. I will teach you how to too!!  PRIVATE COACHING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE.  E-Mail or message me to discuss a plan personally crafted for your needs and budget.

Psychic Mediumship and Astrology Services available on my website or through my group Worth Wealth & Alignment.

I look forward to talking with you!



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When the Panic Sets In, Then What?

Who the Hell do you think you Are? Ever hear that in your head. It doesn’t take a room full of strangers to judge. Oh, they may, but this time it’s YOU. Who the Hell do you think you Are to want that?  Deserve that?  Do that?

What makes you think you can lose weight this time?


Who would love you if they really knew you?


What if Everyone knew you were barely holding it together?


Here’s the thing really, you are working your tail off trying to make some changes in your life. Maybe it’s your Business and you’re really taking it to the next level, or you’re actually dating your dream hunk, or walking into your first Yoga class (Asana what?) and the wave hits you.


Ever put off going to the gym because you don’t know what to wear? So first you scour all the athletic ads just trying to figure it out. Hint: go to the Y they are friendly.

Ever hide around the corner because your dream crush just walked in? You’re trying, right? You would think the inner critic could give it a rest for a minute. But Nooooo.

How do you wrangle the fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough? It can be hard. It can feel overwhelming. It feels safer to stay small and just to watch all those other “good enough” people live your dream.

Wait…  What?

We aren’t going to do that.

Here is what we are going to do……..

  1. Stop and Breath. Yep. Square up your shoulders, stretch your spine out straight, close your eyes, lift your chin just a little and breath.
  2. Remind yourself you had a good reason for doing this, even if you can’t remember it now. You trust yourself, right? Everyone started this way, just a little terrified.
  3. Fast forward to look back. See yourself in the future, looking back on this moment. You’ve accomplished your goals, your presentation went well, you are a Yoga Queen, you married the hunk, you are a wildly successful * whatever *.  What would you say to yourself right now?
  4. Get out of the car and go learn how to Downward Dog it’s easier than you think.

Jodie 😉



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The Faint of Heart Hath Never Won the Fair Maiden! 🏰

It takes courage to try. It sometimes takes sheer dumb luck to succeed. But most assuredly it takes a willingness to look like a fool. Yes, a fool. 🤡

Have you ever been too cool to even try? Were you the one who stood with your back against the wall holding up the gym because you didn’t want to learn to dance. 💃🕺

Has the fear of being bad at something held you back. You know there is nothing you are good at now, that you weren’t bad at in the beginning. We forget that. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

I have a friend who took golf lessons at a club one town over just so she didn’t make a fool of herself in front of her “friends”. She is not vain or stuck up but she was terrified of others seeing her as incompetent, even though she has never played before! 🏑🏑

Afraid of what others would think of her if she wasn’t perfect was exactly what led her to drive a very long way out of her way to mask her novice status. Very often the idea of perfectionism keeps you from living the very life you dream about. 😒😕😭

But what if you could look at life as an adventure again? What if “perfectionism” didn’t exist and you just let yourself off the hook? 😮What if you could play like a kid again and not treat everything like a high stakes game? What if you made a fool of yourself and everyone just laughed with you? 🤩 What if living your best life was more important than looking perfect? 🤔

Soon the holidays will be upon us and the idea of Perfectionism does not have more fertile ground than now! The perfect Thanksgiving 🍗🍽️, the perfect decorations 🎄, the perfect Holiday letter, with the perfect family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, UGH! Don’t get me started.

Do you ever wonder how some people do it? How they pull off the Holidays and are actually Happy! They aren’t stressed or flustered. They seem prepared for every social occasion always knowing what to say. They seem to light up the room when they walk in. 💫

They make the same amount of money as you. They know all the same people. You know how crazy their Mother is, and yet…. They are happy. They are peaceful.


They gave up the idea of being perfect. They gave up trying to control everything. They’ve made peace with where they are at. They are traveling light this Holiday Season because they no longer shoulder the weight of unrealistic expectations. They opened up to the magic of accepting themselves and because of that were able to step into the energy of Abundance and Well Being. 💝

Perfect comes at the end of the journey and as far as I have seen life is an ever-expanding ever-unfolding journey.  What was perfect to us just a few years ago we’ve gone so far beyond.  So let it go and let yourself and everyone you love off the hook by enjoying the moment, embracing your loved ones giving up the idea that the perfect anything is what is going to make the moment magical.

YOU MAKE THE MOMENT MAGICAL by simply showing up and being yourself.

Much Love,
Jodie L Hart💝🔮💫



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Many People Can’t Be Happy

Many people make themselves unhappy simply by finding it impossible to accept life in the present moment. Believing that there is always something more to be done they race from one thing to another dropping only after exhausting themselves.  Their ideas of self-care are only routines meant to keep them in a constant state of over-achievement. A constant state of not enough.

The gift of being content is really quite profound. Contentment doesn’t say everything is in an absolute state of perfection or even close. Actually, it says that just enough things are just right enough, right now for you to relax. Your mind loosens. Your body unwinds. A smile creeps across your face without notice. You take a deep breath. You BE.

Your mind begins to wander a bit. Taking it’s own path, a journey of musings as it does not need to be constantly engaged and entertained. It walks through memories, ruminates on the day and synthesizes information that it has received. You begin to feel connected perhaps, tapped in because you’ve allowed both the noise of the day and your expectations to quiet.

When I was young my grandparents had a farm and lived in a typical farm house. My favorite time of the day was after dinner and the ladies would finish up the supper dishes and the men finished up for the night in the barns and everyone would come back to a big front porch. There was lemonade and iced tea and Pie (really good Pie) and we’d all sit and watch the sun sink low, laugh and talk until it was time for us kids to get in the bath before bed.

That is my first idea of being contented. I think the idea of being content is accepting that nothing is perfect. I’m not sure that anything is meant to be, especially people. People are always in a state of flux, always growing, morphing, becoming, evolving and realizing that perfection comes only at the end. Perfection is an end product. There is no end to life. We live in an ever-expanding universe. I believe that we can comfortably take perfection off the table and in doing so maybe give ourselves a much needed break.

Our news and programming and advertising all say more more more. It’s never enough, you have to keep pushing through. Yesterday is over, today is a brand new game. Get on the tread mill and strive strive strive.

Really?  You wanna live that way?

Turn off the TV.

Stop listening to everything including the voice in your head that says you not enough.

Get some pie.

There’s always another chance tomorrow.

Who knows what might happen?



Give yourself the gift of being content in this moment.

Your friend, Jodie.



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Sirian, Pleidian, Arcturian?

Who are you and Where did you come from? Ascension path or reincarnation? These Questions are becoming as prevalent as What’s your Sign was in the 70’s. 🧜‍♀️🧝‍♀️🧙‍♂️

Why does it matter? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

Before all of this, it was Are you from Atlantis or Lemuria? There was this strange spiritual one-upmanship going on. I really don’t know where all the former Atlanteans/Lemurians went come to think of it. 🤔🤭

Who are you, meaning who were you in a past life, and where are you from becoming like a spiritual competition. 🙏💪 The one and the same type of competition that we see played out in politics 🌏 in our everyday muggle world.

Then there is the “Well those of us from _____ (insert one Arcturan, Pleiades, Sirius) have only come here on the last leg of our spiritual ascension.” Apparently, the rest of us are just lowly Reincarnates. 🤣😅

These types of labels are also used in the world we live in today to create separation. 😕

Again who cares? Even if it’s true… who cares? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

What may matter is that you are HERE. Where you’ve been in previous lives and where you may be going after this one… that’s all distraction. What are you doing with this life?

We are HERE To Learn purpose; To Understand service; To Discover our Connection with the Divine and with each other — ALL THROUGH the Human Experience. 💃🕺

This Lifetime, this Human Experience matters. It’s not a pit stop to something better. You didn’t come from something better to be here. You aren’t supposed to be worshiped as the leader or God/Goddess you perceive you were in a previous life. 👼

What are you creating now is the reality that is affecting you TODAY. You have the POWER to make this your Best LIFETIME EVER!!! ✨💞🎉💘✨

I want to help you make that happen. I have only 10 appts left for this month that I can fill with those who want to let go of a past and create a life worth living today!  What do you want to let go of, focus on or allow to come in?  Where do you require clarity or a strengthened sense of purpose?  Where does love need to enter to allow greater healing?  I am but a few clicks away.

As a Psychic Medium, my connection with your Guides gives you the ability to connect with the Divine in a unique and powerful way getting their input and guidance on anything you ask. It is powerful, it’s real and it’s down to earth. No riddles or speaking in code LOL. Just easy to digest answers that you can use today to improve your life.

To schedule with me through my website click here: or feel free to Facebook message me through my page. While you are on my website be sure to sign up for the “7 Steps to An Intentionally Powerful Life” and a 25% off coupon will be emailed to your inbox!!

I do so look forward to working with you!



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Allow Yourself To Be a Beginner.

Allow yourself to be a beginner. That’s so easy to say. It’s the first step that seems the scariest!

Never more this year have I been reminded of that when I started to expand my business. It doesn’t have to be business, it can be anything. A new relationship, a new job, applying for a promotion, changing your diet or beginning a fitness class can all be scary.

Fear is a tricky thing. I think that we spend our lives rooting it out one way or another, confronting it, overcoming it and no matter how well or how logically it disguises itself it’s goal is always the same…. to keep you from making changes.

I used to think of Fear like roller coaster. Scary as the car begins to climb the first big hill ~ or ~ Halloween scary as you walk through the Haunted House. I’ve come to realize those adrenaline-inducing thrills are scary, but they aren’t the same as Fear. Fear is sneakier.

There was a time NO one could logic themselves out of their highest good faster than I could. I would have every good reason, no flimsy excuses, as to why I could not face whatever it was that I needed to face. I smoked for 36 years. I hated smoking for at least half of that! I was more afraid of quitting, of trying to quit, of life without cigarettes than I was of continuing to smoke and hating myself for it.

I try and sneak up on Fear like it sneaks up on me. I begin to pay attention to how I am feeling. Fear feels funny within you. I get irritable when I’m fearful, snappish almost. I begin to tense. Sometimes when I’m caught off guard I feel myself physically take a step back or worse a step forward in an aggressive manner.

Then the energy shifts and all traces seem to have vanished.  Fear can move in cause you to react and then disappear in the unique details of your day.  But if we only look outward for the causes we will never find the core beliefs that are writing these scripts we keep reliving day in and day out, throwing us off track, preventing our connection with others, even those we love.

We have to look for the clues. What was going on? Who was with me? What was I trying to accomplish? What was different? Did I want something I hadn’t wanted before? When did it begin? Did it begin with an idea or action? When did I stop feeling safe? When did I begin to doubt myself?

Why should we do this?

Life is Big and there are so many choices with many chances for growth and expansion, love and connection. I love life. I want to experience all of it and die with a smile on my face ready for whats next.

Most folks, like me, the fear tries to set in before they even begin. They talk themselves out of what the Universe can provide with excuses like I don’t have the time ~ or ~ I don’t have the money ~ or ~ my Fave, my spouse/boyfriend/boss won’t let me. Cough. Let you, Really??

If any of this sounds like you and you are tired of letting fear stop you, hold you back then put your foot down and pen to paper and begin your own hunt for your truth.

If you are looking for some help, having your Guides/Angels/Ancestors lean in to inspire, shine and guide it can and will shave weeks/months/years off blindly feeling around in the dark. Learning to shift limiting beliefs, transform fear and decide, yes definitely decide what you want so you can live the life you desire is the true purpose of your being.

You can do this!  I can help.


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Does Saying an Affirmation, Replace Personal Growth?

Do folks think that saying affirmations or afformations are the magic shortcut to health, wealth and forever prosperity? 🧞‍♂️🧙‍♂️

Me? I love a good afformation (where I send my guides and subconscious mind out seeking the answers that I require for the results I want).  Especially those that REALLY resonate with where I want to BE!! I LOVE going general, seeing the big picture and I love that HIGH FLYING feeling that comes with Vibrational Alignment. 💃🕺

Do you want to know what I also know? They are simply a part of aligning your energy. They are a part of raising your vibration. They don’t replace personal growth. 😳

  1. Contrast has its place. It helps you decide what you want, by showing you what you don’t. Ignoring contrast, pretending it’s not happening, brings you more contrast. At some point in time, you are going to have to make a decision.
  2. Making a decision comes from your core beliefs and values regarding the world 🌎 YOU live in. If you believe having money 💵 is inherently evil 😈, that it’s easier for a camel 🐫to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go to heaven at your core; it’s going to be hard for you to experience prosperity. Sooooo you might need to work on your Money Mentality. 💵🧠
  3. If your choices are coming from a place of pain 🤒or fear 😮, you will constantly experience a feeling of being held back or worse yet, get only so close to your dream before it all turns to smoke. UGH!! That is a Worthiness issue in need of healing. 💝💖

Along with your personal growth, affor/affirmations are powerful tools. A statement affirmed born from your aligned beliefs, well…  that can begin to change your life!

If you’re ready to align your believing and create some great affirmations that truly support your growth, I can help with that.  Feel free to Facebook message me or email me and I can make suggestions to help.  For a fuller look at what’s going on in your life and how you can be aligned with what you want to achieve whether it be love, money or career I have availability throughout the week in the mid-afternoon and evenings for 15 and 30-minute sessions.

Everything we experience outside of ourselves is but a reflection of what we’ve created within. You can keep rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship or you can learn to patch the holes.

I’ve found waiting for your lover to change is as useless as walking out the door and hoping they will chase you. But the path of honoring self and removing the limiting blocks that keep you stuck with someone who will not see your greatness….. that is what we can do something about.

Amazingly I have found when my clients start to tap into that aspect of themselves, those people who couldn’t see them before start to wonder what they’ve been missing all this time.  😊

Be Blessed, Stay Blessed!


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ONLY THE SHADOW KNOWS……. 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧛‍♀️

How could so and so do this to me? Why do I always fall for the wrong guy? People are always taking advantage of me! No one ever listens to me!! HINT: It’s not about you. Don’t worry it’s not about me either. 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♀️

“Don’t take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

In Evolutionary Astrology the 1st house represents US and how we enter the world. The 7th house represents not only how we participate with others, it also holds our Shadow side. So we work out our Shadow energies in partnership with others and they with us. 👻💞👻

So often the “others” in our life seem to enter in to just stir up trouble. The mother in law, the nosy neighbor, gum cracking co-worker, etc. People who are stuck seem like they are dating the same person with a different face over and over again. Having the same friend over and over again. Dealing with the same boss over and over again. 😈

As much as they try and change their circumstances the same thing keeps getting recreated! 😭😵😖

Once a person resolves or heals their shadow as it is being expressed through another, the dynamic of the relationship will change or the relationship will cease because there is no further need for that person to be in their life. 🚑👩‍⚕️

The perfect example of this is a colleague of mine who literally every guy she dated ~ lasted about three months before they broke up. The very next girl the guy would start dating — he married. This happened more than four times in a row!! 💍💞

See, they were working out their shadow side of commitment with her, but she was not engaging in the work herself. As they moved on, she remained stuck. Happily, we figured out the lessons and resolved the block. HOORAY!! 💃🕺

Taking responsibility for where you are in life, doesn’t mean that you have failed. Only that you have begun to awaken to your own greatness and power. 👑🎇🎆  With all the eclipses and all the retrogrades, this has been an entire summer of shadow work. If you are feeling a little exhausted you wouldn’t be alone.

Setting aside some time to work this out with an Intuitive as a Guide can certainly move along much quicker than sifting through 100’s of Facebook posts and online Groups. Make an investment in you and save yourself some of the heartache and headache of going it alone. You will be amazed!


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