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Can’t Hear You

Do you ever have someone that you just can’t hear? Or you absolutely know the person you are talking to does not understand a word you are saying.

You check yourself. Yes, you are speaking clearly, out loud and in the proper language, but yet they say things “I just don’t understand.” “Or what do you mean?”

You: You want to see a Movie on Saturday?

Them: No I’m tired.

You: What?

Them: I’m tired

You: It’s Tuesday, how do you know you’ll be tired on Saturday?

Them: Saturday is a good day for rain.

You: Is this a real conversation???

Them: Why are you mad? Do we have cake?

You call your best friend. You say, “Can you understand the words coming out of my mouth?” She confirms that you are indeed using your words correctly. You hang up.

You are in the twilight zone. Cue music……

All jokes aside about husband and wives, I actually see this a lot in relationships. When two people are on widely different frequencies they literally stop being able to hear the other person.

We also see this played out politically, not amongst politicians and political agendas, but amongst real people. They literally can not hear the other point of view the energy is so foreign to them.

When we talk about energy sometimes it’s easy to think it’s all “out there” kind of stuff. It’s what your astrologer or reiki healer says. It doesn’t really affect us physically ~~ like our senses. It wouldn’t shift our perception of reality. Well because reality is reality. Right?

Huh? What you say?

Seriously, this month, heck this summer is so filled with life-altering astrology things may be a little out of focus. And communication… well, it could use some help too. So what’s a girl to do? Schedule a session with Me and let’s see how we can make all this swirling chaos work for you!!

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There is gold in them thar hills if you know where to find it!!


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