Keeping Your Eyes On Your Own Paper

Comparing yourself to others is one sure way to deflect your success and get you caught in an Ego Trap. Our Ego is always ready to tell us that we are not good enough and the Comparison Game is a sure way to give it lots of material to work with.

Empath Survival Guide

Being an empath now is a thing. It’s definitely a buzz word and talked about more now in the last 2 years than I’ve seen in my whole career. That is not to say I don’t believe that individuals are waking up and consciously experiencing their gift because I do. I’m glad they are. Being an Empath is a superpower.  It is far less about “developing” it than it is honing.

Spiritual Shiny Object Syndrome

Something I’ve noted with clients over the last several years is the level of discovery that they are engaging in.  I think that it’s great.

Bloom Where You Are

I was reading the other day and I ran across a line that I know my Grandmother said to me when I was a girl.  It went something like, "You have to Bloom where you are Planted". I liked it when she said things like that.

People Will Disappoint You

They will lie to you. They will pretend that they care. They will hang around for the good stuff and vanish when you need them. It’s in our nature or so I’m told. We live in a “What’s in it for Me Culture.” What’s a poor Spiritual Traveler to do? 😱
The Prince and The Pauper

Paupers vs. Princes?

You are worthy. Everyone is worthy of love, peace, prosperity, happiness, and vibrant health. Well then tell me, if we are all so freakin' worthy then why are most of us living like Paupers instead of Princes? Worthiness, as we talked about in Your Emotional...
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