Astrology Reports by Jodie L. Hart

Jodie L. Hart

Hi, I’m Jodie L. Hart

I have 30 years of experience as an Intuitive Counsellor, Psychic Medium and Evolutionary Astrologer.

I’ve made it my mission to create the most useful and insightful horoscope available to you anywhere, in any venue.

I strive to help you live your best life, your way.

I am so excited to tell you about my monthly transit horoscopes, that are being launched both in the Group (Worth Wealth & Alignment) and my website ( ). They are my detailed, accurate monthly transit horoscopes written for you with great care and love.

So, what can you expect from your astrological report?

My aim is to inspire you, inform you, and coax you to take steps to enjoy all the sparkling planetary aspects as they come up for your sign over the course of the year.

When a tough day is about to come up, I will tell you about it, but will also give you ideas of how to deal with that challenge effectively.

The universe is wise – the tough days sweep out impossible situations, and the special days give us hope and opportunity.

The universe breathes in and out by challenging us and rewarding us for living life with courage and imagination.

Select a report option that works for you.

1 Month Report
Single Report – $19.99
(One-time payment)
Monthly Astrology Report
Monthly Report – $14.99
(1 monthly payment)
3 Month Report
3 Month Report – $39.99
(Billed every 3 months)
6 Month Astrology Report
6 Month Report – $69.99
(Billed every 6 months)