Allow Yourself To Be a Beginner.

Allow yourself to be a beginner. That’s so easy to say. It’s the first step that seems the scariest!

Never more this year have I been reminded of that when I started to expand my business. It doesn’t have to be business, it can be anything. A new relationship, a new job, applying for a promotion, changing your diet or beginning a fitness class can all be scary.

Fear is a tricky thing. I think that we spend our lives rooting it out one way or another, confronting it, overcoming it and no matter how well or how logically it disguises itself it’s goal is always the same…. to keep you from making changes.

I used to think of Fear like roller coaster. Scary as the car begins to climb the first big hill ~ or ~ Halloween scary as you walk through the Haunted House. I’ve come to realize those adrenaline-inducing thrills are scary, but they aren’t the same as Fear. Fear is sneakier.

There was a time NO one could logic themselves out of their highest good faster than I could. I would have every good reason, no flimsy excuses, as to why I could not face whatever it was that I needed to face. I smoked for 36 years. I hated smoking for at least half of that! I was more afraid of quitting, of trying to quit, of life without cigarettes than I was of continuing to smoke and hating myself for it.

I try and sneak up on Fear like it sneaks up on me. I begin to pay attention to how I am feeling. Fear feels funny within you. I get irritable when I’m fearful, snappish almost. I begin to tense. Sometimes when I’m caught off guard I feel myself physically take a step back or worse a step forward in an aggressive manner.

Then the energy shifts and all traces seem to have vanished.  Fear can move in cause you to react and then disappear in the unique details of your day.  But if we only look outward for the causes we will never find the core beliefs that are writing these scripts we keep reliving day in and day out, throwing us off track, preventing our connection with others, even those we love.

We have to look for the clues. What was going on? Who was with me? What was I trying to accomplish? What was different? Did I want something I hadn’t wanted before? When did it begin? Did it begin with an idea or action? When did I stop feeling safe? When did I begin to doubt myself?

Why should we do this?

Life is Big and there are so many choices with many chances for growth and expansion, love and connection. I love life. I want to experience all of it and die with a smile on my face ready for whats next.

Most folks, like me, the fear tries to set in before they even begin. They talk themselves out of what the Universe can provide with excuses like I don’t have the time ~ or ~ I don’t have the money ~ or ~ my Fave, my spouse/boyfriend/boss won’t let me. Cough. Let you, Really??

If any of this sounds like you and you are tired of letting fear stop you, hold you back then put your foot down and pen to paper and begin your own hunt for your truth.

If you are looking for some help, having your Guides/Angels/Ancestors lean in to inspire, shine and guide it can and will shave weeks/months/years off blindly feeling around in the dark. Learning to shift limiting beliefs, transform fear and decide, yes definitely decide what you want so you can live the life you desire is the true purpose of your being.

You can do this!  I can help.


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