Meet Jodie Hart

Intuition, Insight, and Influence

I’m a Spirit Guide Channel, Reiki Master, and Wickedly Skilled Tarotist. Let’s not leave out a lifelong student of Conscious Creation (aka Manifesting Queen) and  Evolutionary Astrology (the Why are We Here branch of Astrology).

As a Reiki Master, I use Ki (life force) as a tool with clients, sending healing and light into every situation and to all involved.

Your Guides offer practical wisdom and insight into everyday matters from love, relationships, family, and career to navigating breakups, trying to understand your kids, and figuring out your purpose and sense of life direction.  We support your hopes and dreams as if they were our own. You, however, come to Your own decisions empowered by REAL ANSWERS and support in the direction You choose.

Some things you just can’t discuss with your friends or loved ones. Sometimes you just need to meet with your Guides to receive the Insight, and  Understanding you need in Private. Every session opens a sacred space for you and strengthens your everyday real connection with your Guides. The free-flowing energy between you and your Spirit Guides will uplift, inspire, and continue with you long after your session is done.

Nothing is impossible.