Meet Jodie Hart, CEO

Intuitive Guru, Life Coach, Game Changer

I am a natural born Empath, Spirit Guide, Channel, Reiki Master and Highly Skilled Tarotist. A lifelong student of Conscious Manifestation, Evolutionary Astrology. As a Reiki Practitioner, I use Ki (healing life force) as a tool in my readings, sending healing and light into every situation and to all involved.

I act as a conduit to your guides who offer practical wisdom and insight into everyday matters regarding love, relationships, family, career changes, navigating a breakup and a myriad of life’s other challenges. As an open channel, I support your hopes and dreams as if they were my own. Clients to come to their own decisions empowered by REAL ANSWERS and support in the direction they choose.

Some things you just can’t discuss with your friends or loved ones. Sometimes you need to convene with your Guides to receive Love, Insight, and Understanding. Every session with Jodie opens a sacred space for You and strengthens your Spiritual connection with your Guides. The free flowing energy between you and your Spirit Guides will uplift, inspire and continue with you long after your session is done. We will work together to find your path to a loving and prosperous life.

Expansion and growth are a constant in life. Navigating these changes can be challenging, but does not have to be painful. Clients reach their goals with the help of my guides. Readings unfold in layers giving a deeper meaning to both questions and outcomes. Beliefs and energy patterns are uncovered that manifest what you wish to change. You have the power to undo, disentangle and recreate any area of your life that displeases you by aligning your energy with what is wanted. Getting my clients in a place to Receive what they truly desire is my Specialty.

I conduct sessions by phone and Zoom. Book a Discovery Session with me and let’s get to know one another today.


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See what clients are saying.

Carol S.

“Love Jodi. Not only was she accurate regarding my major move and all it entailed, her spiritual insight, as well as her advice, has been invaluable. She never ceases to expound on core principles in order to instill balance but has opened my mind to philosophies that eluded me. Employing those philosophies included in her spiritual knowledge have been invaluable enabling me to maintain a balanced and well-rounded way of life. Thank you for all you do, despite my often opposition. You prevail.”

Davidah W.

“I’ve known Jodie for over 25 years as a friend and Spiritual Adviser. She is a talented Intuitive and her Spiritual Connection is strong. I’m using 3 of her all natural oils currently; Bewitching, Peace, and Money Ground. Bewitching has a wonderful scent and gives me a level of confidence. The Peace Oil I use for my son who has ADHD to give him a calming effect throughout his room. Jodie has worked with me through the years as a Guide in many life changes and I highly value her integrity and the wisdom that she generously shares with those around her.”

Lauren I.

“I have been talking to Jodie now for a little over 4 years and she is absolutely amazing !!! I have been through a lot of things and Jodi has guided me in the right direction with my situations if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t know where I would be right now. A lot of our readings had to do with relationship issues and she made me see what I really deserved and worked for me to get there. All of Jodi predictions that she saw for me came to frustration. I can say because of her I am with the man I’m supposed to be with and became a completely different person. You will be so happy when you talk to her not only is she my Psychic she became a friend.”

Erica R.

“When you find those Souls who feel your heart, know your TRUTH and believe in your infinite potential – THOSE are your people. Cherish them and let them know. Jodie I Thank you in all the ways, infinite times over for your time and wisdom today. My human self was calling for the Truth I could not see within my Soul. Thank you for being that divinely timed reminder. With so much Love and Joy.”

Birgit M.

“Thanks Jodie Hart for inviting me to this group and it was lovely to connect yesterday. You were right on target with everything you said. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to speak with you. Love ur directness. Reminded me about my strength and to be accountable. Namaste lovely lady.”

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